10 steps to save the nation, while raising a family

One doesn’t have to look past the end of their nose to know our nation is on fire, both politically and spiritually.  I began to sense it about thirteen years ago when I was called to the public policy  “mission field” after finding out Indiana lawmakers narrowly defeated an incest bill that would have made it legal for you to marry, no matter your “familial status.” However I’ve noticed a shift in our thinking and attitude about “fixing” the country. I’ve noticed many have put their hands in the air as to accept the new norm for our families.

I reject that notion and believe that we CAN fix what ails the nation if we had a heart change. There are ten areas that I believe could turn the tide, and bring this nation back to her greatness. This is not a be all-end all list, but I think it’s a start. Take this read as a challenge to step it up a notch!  Some of you may have certain steps conquered, and you’ve already been given an A. Go to the next one and step it up!  This is a no pass article.  There is something in here for everyone! Ready?


10. America must reject the “Poor Me” syndrome

Last week, I wrote an article that set aflame a multitude of synchronized “Hissssssssss and Gasps” from my readers who thought it better to ignore the headlines of the day (remember, the government took over the internet on #thedress day) and obsess over  the color of the internet sensation, #thedress.

My hate mail that day was nearly identical to the day I released my “Don’t pull your kids out of public school” article! Do I have a beef with #thedress?  Absolutely not! I found myself giggling at some of the posts that came through my Facebook feed. (Did you see the one with the picture of the chicken that said, “What color is this cat?) SO FUNNY!

However I think there is a deeper issue. Most email notes I received chiding me for not having enough fun in my life, came with a further explanation of doom and surrender.

Yes surrender.

Many of the emails stated, “Monica, we receive bad news everyday that we can do nothing about, so we might as well laugh and have a bit of fun.  These folks have given up. They watch the news each day and truly believe they cannot do anything to change the situation around them.

It reminded me of the scene in Titanic when the musicians were playing nice tunes for those who were about to fall into the icy water below to their death. There is nothing wrong with the dress in and of itself. Nothing wrong with laughter. Laughter is medicine to the soul. The problem lies with our attitude behind the dress.

When we come to the point where we actually believe there is nothing we can do about the world around us, then we have already lost.

I would challenge each and every one of my readers to counter the “Poor Me” syndrome as they watch the news.  Instead, as the news floods your living room, take it as a challenge to DO SOMETHING.  As I stated in my article, I know sometimes I talk to my hypersensitive readers (I am one) and hence “offend” them.  If that is you, and you know who you are… If you are REALLY challenging the status quo, then by all means.  Go check out that picture again… laugh, and then start reading number 9!

The rest of you.  Shake off the “Poor Me” syndrome and figure out a way to get in the game. Start with something simple. My prayer is, by the end of this blog, you will have found some place to “kick it up a notch.”

9. Break free from the “Politically Correct Prison”

Something has happened to Americans within the last five years. We have voluntarily walked from freedom to our own prison. We’ve become a people whose feelings get hurt every time we turn around. We can’t get out of bed anymore without “hurting” someone. These hurt feelings have given way to fear, and demand political correctness that has us all scared of our own shadow.

Preachers are afraid to speak truth for fear of offending their pew sitters, politicians are afraid to campaign on real issues in fear of offending their voters. Moms and dads have been sissified because they are fearful their children won’t friend them on Facebook. Every corner lurks a new word that can’t be said out loud for fear someone will take it wrong.

The Bible, God’s written word has become one of the most offensive politically incorrect thing in our nation. We have handed over the keys to freedom because we are afraid we won’t have any friends. We have handed over truth because we fear we’ll lose our reputation.

We have to snap out of it… and soon. Political correctness is a form of weapon, used by the left to silence truth. We think of warfare in terms of bombs, landmines and machine guns. Their thought of destruction is much different. If they can make us afraid of our own shadows they win. We like to use “Political Correctness” and the “Poor Me” attitude sometimes at the same time.  Items ten and nine are best buddies!

Take back your freedom, and stand for what is right, even if it is not politically correct!

8. Acknowledge the power in your hands

You and you alone hold the key to the job God has called you to do. No one can do it for you. Because of the culture, we have somehow decided someone else should do our job. Do the news headlines bother you these days? Then do something about it. Speak out. Say something!  Most American moms and dads live in so much fear, they’ve already surrendered. You have the power of the internet in your hands.  You have social media, cell phones and cars. You have the power to speak… DO IT!

There are so many tools out there to help you get started.  Last year, I wrote several articles on how to get involved, such as the Kitchen Table Activism. It doesn’t take much.You can do it even with five little rug-rats swarming around your ankles The problem is, we have a poor me attitude, and we give a million excuses on why we are not qualified.  SNAP OUT OF IT and do something!

You have tools in your hands… acknowledge it and move your feet!

7. Commit to “stepping it up a notch”

So ouch… you’ve realized you surrendered your power to the left.  You realized you’ve walked away from freedom. You realized you’ve become a politically correct wimp.  Now what do you do about it?

Shake it off and step up to the plate.

You don’t have to fix the world with one speech. You don’t have to win the game single-handedly. Just grab the tool in your hand and use it!  I love the story of Nehemiah. It’s the most beautiful picture of leadership I’ve ever seen.

God gave him the plan to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Wow, what a task.  Nehemiah could have looked at that task like we look at the media these days. He could have told God he didn’t have it in him. He could have tried to tackle the wall on his own.

No friends, he did his part. He let the others to do their part. That is how the job got done.Imagine what would happen if we all did our part?  We could take back the nation within a year. The reality is, if we were honest, we’d realize we are not doing our part. The angry dress emails that came to my inbox, came from sideline defeatist. What would happen if they stepped into the game?

Don’t beat yourself up.  Just do your part. Step it up a notch.

6. Don’t settle for “Politics as Usual”

How many of you have fallen prey to the lie that we must do politics “this way or that” because it’s always been done that way. You must vote for someone because they are of a particular party or certain class? I understand sometimes there are political realities to take into consideration when jumping in, but what would happen if we as conservatives told the media where they could go with their “appointed one” and what would happen if we got over our own fear and chose our own candidate?

What if we actually held these politicians accountable for their voting record by voting them OUT when they vote against our principles? Sure, it takes work! I’ve never worked as hard as I did the past couple of years when we held former State Representative Rebecca Kubacki accountable for her liberal voting record, but we did it. We removed her. All the political pundits told us we were stupid to remove an establishment candidate, but we wouldn’t hear of it. We won.

What would happen if we all did that?  What would happen if we, CONSERVATIVES made the rule book?  We could if we would realize the power we hold in our hands to make change.

5. Use the tools you have been given

social media changingYou have been given every tool you need to do the job. You just simply have to use them.  If you are reading this, you probably use social media. Use it to its full potential.

Don’t know how?  Enroll in my social media class and I’ll teach you the basics about building your online platform. If you would like to arrange this training for your area, please email me. If we use the tools we have available to us, friends, you literally can do it with just 30 minutes a day.

The problem is, we don’t use it to its full potential. There are many reasons including fear. Is the country worth saving? Then rid yourself of the excuses and do it.

I have heard story after story, of Congressmen who literally changed their vote from their office to the floor of the House because of Twitter. If it’s that easy, why are we complaining? If you are interested in scheduling a class, please contact me. It is never too late to start!

4. Get back up and re-determine

This probably is a repeat of some of the above principles, but in order to appease my OCD and preacher friends, we must have ten ways to save the country while raising a family!  It is worth saying again.

You have slacked… so what? You have relinquished territory… go claim it. You have fallen prey to political correctness. Big deal.  Get back up and claim your ground. You still have time.  Recommit to fall in love with this country again, pick up your tools and let’s get to work!

3. Change your lifestyle

Have you let your lifestyle become so busy and crowded that you’ve taken your eye off the ball and let the enemy overtake this nation? Your family? Your church?  Have you let the walls of your home become so flimsy that the enemy has come in and ransacked your home? It might have happened between the T-Ball game and gymnastics because you were late to basketball practice! Or… have you simply become lazy and apathetic?

It’s a new day. Recommit to change your lifestyle. Face reality and take an honest look at the world around you, and ask what part you are to play. Begin making changes in your lifestyle to reclaim what was lost. Don’t beat yourself up… just do a mid-course correction.

2. Fall on your face in repentance

We’ve all read the passage in II Chronicles 7:14 where it says, “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Do we really believe this?

America has strayed from God.  She is living in complete rebellion in the face of the Creator. It’s time to repent and turn our faces back to God.  It’s time to reclaim our families.  It’s time to reclaim the church. It’s time to reclaim our country.  It’s time to get serious.

I’m asked many times a week if I think it’s too late for God to give America mercy. I think we are at the 11th hour and we have a choice to make, but I don’t believe it’s too late. If you read scripture, you will see time, after time, after time, when the children of Israel were living in complete rebellion and God had enough.  He would be about to strike and someone interceded, and God relented. Remember when Abraham plead with God on behalf of an entire city? God listened.

I think we still have this opportunity now. I think America still has a shot. It will not come without consequences. We will reap what we have sown, but I believe if we fall on our faces and not only ask God for forgiveness, but turn from our wicked ways, he WILL heal this land.

1. Get your house in order

We have read the end of the story.  We know who wins.

The single most important thing you can do is to get your house in order.  Decide NOW where you will stand when it gets tough. Decide NOW who you will serve.  There are simple things you can do as a leader in your home to build tall fences.  In our home, we have raised the fence even taller when it comes to what we allow our children to do with electronics. We are almost prudish as to what we allow to come through the television screen. We have taught our kids by example,what it means to have a backbone of steel.  The bottom line is friends… if we lose at home we have lost the culture.

Re-commit today to build tall fences around your home.  Instill into your children, “As for me and my house… we will serve the Lord.”  Our children are growing up in a different time. They will have to face choices we never had to face. Prepare your homes for these choices.  Lead by example.

Just Stop it!

I leave you with a favorite from Bob Newhart. Some of the things I mentioned above are very serious and we should not take them lightly. We need to realize we didn’t get here overnight. The enemy has been playing this game for decades, and it will take a lot of work to get it back. Some of you need a wake up call.

For others, it’s simply a mid-course correction where we simply need to do as Bob says in this video below.  “Just stop it” and get back to work.


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