This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen in Indiana . . . Not Here, Not Now

If you listen to the media and their liberal friends, Indiana has been terribly harmed from the RFRA battle and the only thing that can repair our image now, is to pass special rights for homosexuals and transgenders. They make it sound as if every minute that we wait to pass this measure further harms […]

How Can this Be? Indiana, Best Business State in America

.... but wait Chicken Little, the sky isn't falling?

For all the talk of Indiana being “hurt” by the RFRA ordeal this spring, and the need for us to repair our image with businesses via pro-homosexual, “non-discrimination” policies, objective analysis says something totally different. A new study from the Pacific Research Institute took a look at all 50 states through what they call their […]

Well, How Does Gay Marriage Affect Your Marriage?

For Starters, Just Look North

As you know, the US Supreme Court is expected to release their decision on the future of marriage anytime this month.  I saw an email from a liberal group here in Indiana, just yesterday, in which Homosexual activists are already predicting victory. They are also quick to add that their agenda doesn’t stop there. (It never […]

When Parents Don’t Obey the Political Do-Gooders

Puppies are cute. The sky is blue. Bacon tastes good. I am against cancer. I love my 13 year-old daughter. Now that we have established those obvious basics, maybe we can discuss the problems with Indiana House Bill 1359 with rational discernment. This legislation seems to be an obvious reaction to the fact the too […]