Avoiding leadership burnout.

How to get "unstuck"

Are you a leader who is beginning to feel overwhelmed by life? Are you called to a ministry, yet you find yourself beginning to look up at God to say… “What do I do now?”  

I needed this message by Michael Hyatt today. It was a shot in the arm and fuel to keep me looking forward! Below is a sneak peak into my notebook. The cliff notes version! Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video!

My take away notes from the video:

Overwhelmed? Just do the next right thing.

  1. Forget about the ultimate outcome.Get moving. Don’t get stuck. Just do the next step. Do you have any influence over the situation? Then do something.  If not, take a pass. (be real and honest about it) Sometimes I find myself knowing I can make a difference, but choosing not to.  I have also been guilty of trying to change the world when I have no power.
  2. Focus on the next right action. Don’t focus on the things you don’t have control over and become a burnout victim. <—-bing bing bing… guilty!  You don’t have to have it figured out! Over planning can be deadly. 
  3. Do something NOW. When you get started, ideas will follow and the ultimate job will be completed. This is the ACTION step.  Pick up your right foot and move it forward. Your left will follow. Don’t fall into pitfalls that keep you stuck.
    • Over thinking and under acting. (how many of you are guilty of this?)
    • Indulging in comparisons.
    • Allowing self doubt to dampen your confidence. Feelings follow actions.

Those were notes and takeaways. Make sure you download his official notes on his website. This was a challenge for me.  Just yesterday I found myself nearly overwhelmed with the “yuck” around me. All of the things I had to do were nearly suffocating me. The last thing I wanted to do was hit my default button. I knew what it was, but I was too tired to hit it. I turned to fear.

I hope you take as much away from this as I did!

What is YOUR next “right” action?

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