Breaking: The attack on Religious Freedom sent to committee!!

Call your Senator now! Tell them to VOTE NO!

SB100 and newly created SB344 that will  attack  #Religiousfreedom and Individual Liberty have been sent to the Rules and Legislative Procedure committee chaired by Republican Senator David Long.

We won't change our Convictions

Your Senator needs to hear from you NOW!

The phone number you need to call is 800-382-9467. To find your lawmaker CLICK HERE

Your message: Vote NO to SB 100, SB344, OR ANY OTHER bill that gives sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI) special legal status. It is a threat to religious liberty, freedom of conscience, association, and speech.

Here is a GREAT article on how SOGI bills will threaten our freedom. 

It’s time to act. You can put a stop to this in the state of Indiana, but your lawmakers need to hear from you. The greatest fear a politician has is that he/she will be fired by the constituents.

They DO listen to you.

Already, the Indiana General Assembly is trying to play word games with you by introducing several different versions of the bill to test the water and see how much they can get away with. Your message to them needs to be this:

We will NOT accept ANY form of compromise. The first amendment and the Indiana Constitution were written to protect us from overreaching government. We demand that you stop this ridiculous dance with the left and do NOTHING. Hoosiers already have equal protection under the law. This kind of law will only criminalize people of faith. Special protection for individuals based on sexual behavior infringes on our individual liberty, right to contract, and religious freedom.

Let me be clear. There ARE times to compromise and come together.  Religious Freedom and the First Amendment is NOT one of them! For heaven’s sake… if they must do something to occupy their time at the statehouse, how about repealing the unconstitutional RFRA “Fix!”

Click here for the members of the Rules Committee.

shoe values votersIf this passes… look at the numbers, and who will be responsible for passing it. Republicans. Do Republicans who betray their base deserve to be in the supermajority? We can, and we will replace this supermajority if they continue to infringe on our rights. 

Here are five videos from the Indiana Pastors Alliance. Dr. Kevin Baird and Dr. Ron Johnson explain the wrongs of SB100 and the newly written SB344 (which was not yet written at the time of the videos but still applies)

  1. Video 1 of 5: Why SB100 must be stopped: Penalizes Success
  2. Video 2 of 5: Why SB100 must be stopped: Attacks Individual Liberty
  3. Video 3 of 5: Why SB100 must be stopped: Christian Entrepreneur… Stay out of Indiana.
  4. Video 4 of 5: Why SB100 must be stopped: Individual Liberty and the Attack on our First Amendment.
  5. Video 5 of 5: Why SB100 must be stopped: Just the BEGINNING!

What else can be done? Here are ten things you can do.

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