Call to Action: Controversial Special Rights Bills Up Before Indiana Senate This week

Our Laws Should Respect the Freedoms of Every Citizen

Last year after the Indiana General Assembly fell hook, line, and sinker for the economic terrorism threats and media bully tactics, they passed the unconstitutional RFRA “fix.”

513292147-pencil_erasing_word_mistake-resized-600Hoosiers watched as Speaker Bosma and Senator Long stood arm in arm with homosexual activists and big corporations on the house floor during a press conference. That day, the activists, promised to be back this session with full demands for special rights and forced acceptance. They didn’t hide their agenda a bit. There was no question where they were headed. They let lawmakers know they would take the “fix” and be back for more.

And they are back.

Tomorrow Senator David Long and Republican Senate leaders have agreed to help push their agenda by hearing SB100 and SB344 in committee.  These bills threaten the very liberty our founders gave their lives for so many years ago.

Religious Freedom is under ATTACK. 

Micah Clark, the Executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana wrote the following:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 27, at 4 pm in the Indiana State Senate chamber, the Rules Committee will consider Senate Bill 100 & Senate Bill 344.

SB 100 and SB 344 appear to protect religious freedom. Yet, because they are actually bills that create new special legal status for homosexuality and cross-dressing they are threats to those who hold to traditional morality.  These bills set new limits on religious speech and create punishments for those who live out their faith or hold to traditional values about marriage, family and morality.

These coercive bills seek to force people who willingly serve everyone to promote messages and participate in events that conflict with their beliefs. It is these kinds of laws which have forced Catholic adoption agencies to close, fined Christian bed & breakfast owners, punished photographers, and allowed men in women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

Here are a few points to consider about SB 100 and SB 344:

  • No Hoosier should be forced to conform to a government-mandated moral code in support of homosexual behaviors in order to avoid fines or jail.
  • The language of “civil rights” should not be hijacked to give privileges to the politically popular while taking away our cherished religious freedoms from people who may be disfavored by liberal public officials.
  • The government should not have the power to punish citizens for simply declining to express ideas or celebrate events that violate their beliefs.
  • Laws like these, that single out and punish Hoosiers on the basis of their peacefully expressed beliefs, should be rejected.

The Indiana Constitution, which legislators take an oath to abide by, states:

No law shall, in any case whatever, control the free exercise and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.

For this reason alone, SB 100 & 344 should be rejected by the Senate or withdrawn from consideration.


  1. Contact your State Senator about these divisive and unnecessary bills at 1-800-382-9842.
  2. Consider attending the hearing as a show of support for protecting freedoms of conscience, speech and religion in Indiana.  (We are asking supporters of religious freedom and freedom of speech to wear green.)​
  3. Pray for wisdom and courage for those in elected office to reject the media’s “gay” agenda and to do what is right for all Hoosiers.   SB 100 and 344 are not necessary. Thirty-one states do not have laws like this. Several states and cities have recently rejected or repealed laws like these. (Houston, TX is perhaps the best known and among the most recent.) 

Sexual orientation laws have zero to do with sex, love, or equality. They ALREADY have those rights.

Sexual orientation laws have everything to do with government forced acceptance, forced celebration, and cleansing the people of expressed faith outside the walls of the church.

It has EVERYTHING to do with rending the 1st Amendment powerless and impotent. They use sex to do it, and our lawmakers are falling for it in droves, led by Republicans!

Finally, email Senator David Long and let him know of your disappointment in his attack on the 1st Amendment, individual liberty. It is time to let the GOP know they can no longer count on us to be nice obedient Republicans when it comes time to go to the polls. We will work to remove him from office. Senator David Long’s email is

It’s now or never, they are about to vote on it this week.

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