Call to Action: Controversial Special Rights Bills Up Before Indiana Senate This week

Our Laws Should Respect the Freedoms of Every Citizen

Last year after the Indiana General Assembly fell hook, line, and sinker for the economic terrorism threats and media bully tactics, they passed the unconstitutional RFRA “fix.” Hoosiers watched as Speaker Bosma and Senator Long stood arm in arm with homosexual activists and big corporations on the house floor during a press conference. That day, […]

Wanted: YOU —>Citizen Journalists

Time to break away from network news coverage.

It’s a sad fact these days, if you watch the news for any length of time, you know two things. At best, you filtered through all of the liberal bends and twists to every story… At worst, your brain experienced a complete cycle of state-run media brainwashing. I always knew it was bad, but never so […]

“Mommy, there is a man in my bathroom!”

How to fight the SOGI laws and win.

Here is a  picture of the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity ordinance (SOGI) that will be presented to the Goshen City Council. It’s the new strategy of the LGBT lobby. City by city, county by county they come in and try to pass this law essentially nullifying RFRA. Thanks to lawmakers who opened the door to the […]

Social Conservatives vs.GOP.

The "Hands OFF" Strategy.

Last night I attended our county Lincoln Day dinner.  It was great to see familiar faces and reconnect with folks I hadn’t seen for a while. Our chairman did a great job and worked hard planning and preparing for the evening. The Lt. Governor was the keynote speaker and gave a less than enthusiastic update […]

10 steps to save the nation, while raising a family

One doesn’t have to look past the end of their nose to know our nation is on fire, both politically and spiritually.  I began to sense it about thirteen years ago when I was called to the public policy  “mission field” after finding out Indiana lawmakers narrowly defeated an incest bill that would have made […]

How Do You Kill 11 Million People? (Thomas Nelson, 2012)

downloadSome reviews need no explanation. Simple quotes from one of the most powerful books I have ever read. How do you kill 11 million people by Andy Andrews.  You need to buy it… and soon.

Pour over some of these quotes that I took from the book, then buy it!

The danger to America is not a single politician with ill intent. Or even a group of them. The most dangerous thing any nation faces is a citizenry capable of trusting a liar to lead them. ~Andy Andrews. How do you kill 11 million people?


In the long run, it is much easier to undo the policies of crooked leadership than to restore common sense and wisdom to a deceived population willing to elect such a leader in the first place. Any country can survive having chosen a fool as their leader. But history has shown time and again that a nation of fools is surely doomed. ~Andy Andrews, Author of How do you kill 11 million people.


Jews: At last, it can be reported to you that the Russians are advancing on our eastern front. I apologize for the hasty way we brought you into our protection. Unfortunately there was a little time to explain. You have nothing to worry about. We want only the best for you. You will leave here shortly and be sent to very fine places indeed. You will work there, your wives will stay at home, and your children will go to school. You will have wonderful lives. We will all be terribly crowded on the trains, but the journey is short. Men? Please keep your families together and board the railcars in an orderly manner. Quickly now, my friends, we must hurry. (taken from the book How to kill 11 Million People by Andy Andrews.)


In Mein Kampf, Hitler’s autobiography, he wrote, “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one. (16) The book was widely read by the German people at the time.

The masses believed him anyway. Or at the very most, they ignored him. It is a fact that fewer than 10 percent of Germany’s population of 79.7 million people actively worked or campaigned to bring about Hitler’s change (17) Even at the height of its power in 1945, the Nazi political party boasted only 8.5 million members. (18)

So the remaining 90 percent of Germans–teachers and doctors and ministers and farmers–did… what?  Stood by?  watched?

Read the rest in his book. It will take you an hour to read.  America needs to see this.

“Patriot burnout” the deadly bullet.

Disclaimer I: I am a classic textbook definition Type A person.   Disclaimer II: If you are also type A, this blog will be like one alcoholic talking to another about getting sobered up, while sitting  in a local bar.  Disclaimer III: I am still learning and living this stuff.  With that out-of-the-way, grab a cup of […]

My voice doesn’t matter: The ultimate cop-out and surrender.

I’ve been on the front lines of public policy for about 13 years. If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times from well-meaning, well-intentioned people. Ready for a gentle nudge this morning? Here goes: >>>>>cue whining tone>>>>> But Monica, my voice does not matter to “these people.”  (“these people” meaning their lawmaker) […]

Conservative lunch. Will we win or lose this year?

Happy New Year everyone!  I trust you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am going to begin the year with a challenge as we launch the 2015 legislative session! If conservative values are to win this year, a miracle has to take place within the conservative movement, and it has to […]