Five Ways to Drain the Indiana Swamp.

'Gators -n-Crocs' eviction notice.

Hoosiers all across the state of Indiana are watching with relief as the Indiana General Assembly comes to a close. This was a session unlike any other I have seen the past 15 years. Out of control “Republican” lawmakers plugged their ears to their constituency, and shredded the GOP platform. Thankfully, it is nearly over […]

Call to Action: Controversial Special Rights Bills Up Before Indiana Senate This week

Our Laws Should Respect the Freedoms of Every Citizen

Last year after the Indiana General Assembly fell hook, line, and sinker for the economic terrorism threats and media bully tactics, they passed the unconstitutional RFRA “fix.” Hoosiers watched as Speaker Bosma and Senator Long stood arm in arm with homosexual activists and big corporations on the house floor during a press conference. That day, […]

Breaking: The attack on Religious Freedom sent to committee!!

Call your Senator now! Tell them to VOTE NO!

SB100 and newly created SB344 that will  attack  #Religiousfreedom and Individual Liberty have been sent to the Rules and Legislative Procedure committee chaired by Republican Senator David Long. Your Senator needs to hear from you NOW! The phone number you need to call is 800-382-9467. To find your lawmaker CLICK HERE Your message: Vote NO […]

How Can this Be? Indiana, Best Business State in America

.... but wait Chicken Little, the sky isn't falling?

For all the talk of Indiana being “hurt” by the RFRA ordeal this spring, and the need for us to repair our image with businesses via pro-homosexual, “non-discrimination” policies, objective analysis says something totally different. A new study from the Pacific Research Institute took a look at all 50 states through what they call their […]

Elkhart Mayor Moore asks that LGBT ordinance be withdrawn, conservative foe of measure calls move a ‘great victory’ – Elkhart Truth

Time to increase the pressure to defeat the Goshen SOGI.

ELKHART — Amid a strong outpouring of opposition, Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore has asked that his proposed ordinance extending civil rights protections to the LGBT community be withdrawn from formal consideration.That doesn’t necessarily mean the issue is dead.The Democrat said in a letter sent Monday, July 27, to Elkhart City Council members that he’s asked city […]

Urgent Alert: Sexual Orientation,Gender Identity (Bathroom Bill) set to pass in Goshen Indiana!

Here is what you can do to stop it...

Update: They have removed the SOGI ordinance from the agenda Tuesday due to health reasons of a council member. This is GREAT news! We have an extra week to call the mayor and council members!!! STAY TUNED FOR THE HEARING UPDATE! We will let you know as soon as they announce it! As I warned […]

Letter to the Indiana Legislature regarding Religious Freedom and “The Fix”

7 legal briefings that expose the danger Hoosiers now face.

I obtained a copy of a letter from AFA of Indiana that was recently sent to over 100 legislators who voted for RFRA or the RFRA “fix”. I’ve also read the legal briefings. I wonder how many legislators will want to read the legal reviews offered to them?

The video the media doesn’t want you to see.

The hypocrisy you are about to see, will literally take your breath away. I watched the drive by media and liberal left have a coronary over a speech Governor Pence gave on Religious Freedom. I watched them pulverize a Governor for signing a bill, joining 30 other states who have some kind of Religious Freedom […]

Guest Author for InkFreeNews says Religious Freedom Bill will empower police to refuse to patrol areas around synagogues or mosques!?!

Today I was scanning the local news and ran across a local article from inkFREE news entitled, “Indiana’s Senate Bill 101 will harm business.” This was written by GUEST AUTHOR, Adam Talbot from the Human Rights Campaign. It was blog he put in a press release format and sent to all the news organizations who would […]

If you don’t speak out, the tolerance police will.

San Francisco has become the latest epicenter for religious persecution by the liberal left. What is the crime you ask?  Brace yourself my friends. Put the cookie on the table and swallow the mouthful of milk because when you hear what the Catholic church has done now, you are going to spit Oreos all over […]