Conservative lunch. Will we win or lose this year?

Happy New Year everyone!  I trust you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am going to begin the year with a challenge as we launch the 2015 legislative session! If conservative values are to win this year, a miracle has to take place within the conservative movement, and it has to […]

Religious Food Bank… Governor Pence, and the Liberal Government Teat

Liberals HATE charity Liberals HATE religion Liberals HATE personal responsibility Liberals HATE homegrown goodness Liberals HATE common sense and self-sufficiency Liberals loathe anything in their path that does not include dependency on the feds and  the sucking of the government teat. They hate the idea that Americans are good. They loathe the idea that we […]

Have religious convictions? Don’t bother calling 911!

Not many things come as a surprise to me these days. Who would’ve ever thought we’d be living in a day where pastors’ sermons are subpoenaed, ministers threatened with jail time for following Biblical values and principles? For years, pro family leaders have stood boldly behind a microphone warning America what was going to happen if they […]

What does Gay Marriage in Indiana mean for Religious Liberty?

This week, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in Indiana. By delaying any action on this issue, they enacted the lower court’s decision, legalizing homosexual marriage in eleven states including Indiana.  We knew it was coming and were preparing for this day. While groups may be cheering, there is a great alarm that has just […]

Indiana teachers teaching to the test? What test? (we’ll tell you when we are ready)

I met with our local school district Superintendent and Chief Academic officer today to try to find some answers that had been gnawing at me for the past few weeks regarding the future of our education system. Namely how our local school districts will deal with the federal, state, and political pressure surrounding them. I hear […]

The woman at the well, was not given the keys to a motel.

The Indiana “super-majority” punted the ball once again. About 20 members of the Indiana General Assembly caved to the threats (and one might argue bribes) of three percent, that will in turn jeopardize the majority of the Hoosier population. Those who believe in biblical truth will be forced to comply, or face a judge.  It […]

How to take over the state-run, left-wing media…

You hear and see the headlines day in and day out. Liberal twists Liberal jabs Liberal Hate The American family is inundated with “news” the drive-by media has selectively chosen to filter into our homes. Moms and dads do their duty watching this stuff so they can feel informed, but never question the agenda or validity of […]