To the Indiana LGBT Community…

Liberty is our common bond.

This weekend the nation watched as our country was attacked by a man filled with hate. A radicalized Islamic terrorist killed 49 precious men and women in the LGBT community simply because he was filled with a bitter, unquenchable hatred and was devoted to his radicalized religion. As I write this, there are many more […]


When ideology is confronted by Jesus

  Yesterday my husband and I took our four children along with my son’s friend to Chicago. It’s been a lifetime dream to be able to do mission work with my family; however, having a family of six, makes it quite difficult, and nearly financially impossible. Oh yes, I know we should always do ministry […]

“Mommy! There is a MAN in my bathroom!”

Last year this title would have scared the average American to death! Today, it’s an ugly reality. The sexual revolution has now forced us to have to deal with the absurd. Private businesses such as Target are trading in business for social justice and political fads. They now allow men who “feel” like women that […]

Replacing Coffee Shop Theology

Hold the mocha, hold the cream...

I’ll admit it.  I love coffee. I love everything about it. I love the taste. I love that it has the power to pick me up out of a dead tired, mama-crazy world, and put me back on my feet. I love all the things you can do with coffee. So many choices. I can doctor it […]

Five ways to know if you are paralyzed with fear, or armored as a WARRIOR for the cause.

There’s a fine line between fear and paralysis. Sometimes we struggle to find that balance in the fast paced society we live in today. Strapping on spiritual armor is NOT simply providing yourself with a “pep talk.”  It is preparing your body for war. Many in the American churches are playing their “pass card” to escape […]

When Religion Surrenders to Tyranny

Many, if not most religious people I know have lost the will to fight. They have lost hope. When you lose hope, you surrender to tyranny and give up the fight. You become impotent. This is the state of the American Christian today. We heard the declaration of war sound with a crash in Indiana […]

Is there a Biblical Mandate when you walk into the voting booth?

Yesterday I watched a group of teenage girls having the time of their lives in the makeup aisle of the local CVS. If giggles and makeup were the recipe for happiness and world peace, then these girls could have fixed all the troubles in the DC bubble that day. I recognized these girls from a […]

The vision of the Naked Sheep.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a woman (who happens to be my mother, and the smartest woman I have ever known) concerning some heavy things that have been on my heart recently about the state of the church in America. My heart was overwhelmed with defeat and a sense of urgency that […]

Until They Cry “Uncle”…

Growing up, it was not unusual to find yourself in a harmless scuffle with a friend or sibling. Why the wrestling match started could be attributed to any one of a number of playground offenses or slights. Back “in the day” when such things were generally innocuous and the normal rite of passage for kids, […]

Religious Freedom WINS in Indiana

SB344 dies in the Indiana Senate

Choosing to stand for Religious Freedom is a long exhausting marathon that’s only won by a team of dedicated people who believe that giving up is not an option. Indiana is FULL of such Hoosiers. We’ve taken some hits the past few years, (some of us have the ugly scars to prove it) so winning […]