Heads up Goshen Indiana, your city council is tackling this first followed closely by the Elkhart city council! Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity will be debated at the Goshen city council level at the beginning of August.

In this video, Litigation Counsel Christiana Holcomb discusses sexual orientation, gender identity ordinances, what they mean, and their effects.  After you watch it, call your city council member and tell them to vote NO on any sexual orientation, gender identity law.

Several council members are mocking those who oppose this ordinance and stating none of this will happen…that it is a harmless ordinance. They are willing to put our children at risk in order to appease the lobbyists who are spending millions of dollars to pass these ordinances city by city, county-by-county, and eventually passing a statewide SOGI… all at the cost of our children and our religious freedom.

As stated by the Alliance Defending Freedom,

“To date, these ordinances have been relied on to try to force Christian bakersphotographers, and florists to create expression celebrating same-sex weddings, and a Christian-owned print shop to print shirts for a gay pride festival, even when doing so went against their deeply held beliefs.  They have even been used to threaten ordained ministers with jail time if they were unwilling to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies.

The threats these ordinances pose will not forever remain in the for-profit sector, however. In fact, these ordinances are already spilling over into the non-profit sector.

We have documented story after story where personal liberty and privacy no longer exists.  I document many of these stories in my blog entitled “Mommy, there is a Man in my Bathroom”. It’s time to step up and say NO.  WE do not want a SOGI passed in our town!

Here are the  local City Councilmen/women in Goshen.

www.advanceamerica.com pdf Goshen Ordinance Action Bulletin.pdf

Urgent Alert: Sexual Orientation,Gender Identity (Bathroom Bill) set to pass in Goshen Indiana!

Here is what you can do to stop it...

Update: They have removed the SOGI ordinance from the agenda Tuesday due to health reasons of a council member. This is GREAT news! We have an extra week to call the mayor and council members!!! STAY TUNED FOR THE HEARING UPDATE! We will let you know as soon as they announce it! As I warned […]

“Mommy, there is a man in my bathroom!”

How to fight the SOGI laws and win.

Here is a  picture of the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity ordinance (SOGI) that will be presented to the Goshen City Council. It’s the new strategy of the LGBT lobby. City by city, county by county they come in and try to pass this law essentially nullifying RFRA. Thanks to lawmakers who opened the door to the […]

Indiana, introducing SOGI…the RFRA revenge.

Brought to you by the Indiana General Assembly.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, the acronym “RFRA” has  probably become part of your daily vocabulary. The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act was carried by Indiana lawmakers during the first half of the 2015 general assembly. They proudly carried RFRA until the liberal left turned up the heat. Under fire, ALL […]

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