Criminalization of Christianity

Contained in this eight minute video, are the reasons why we must stand for Religious freedom. Janet Porter changed my life 9 years ago when I picked up her book Criminalization of Christianity, and she continues to be a warrior for freedom.

DO NOT read her book or watch this video if you want to keep your head in the sand.

DO NOT watch this if you are content to have your freedoms removed.

DO NOT watch this video if you want to be lukewarm.

Watch it if you want to change this nation, and see God relent from bringing judgement.

When we stand before the judgment seat of Christ one day… what will you say?  Will you say you were too busy?  Will you say that it was too hard?  Will you stand with folks like Janet Porter and myself to defend FREEDOM?


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2 thoughts on “Criminalization of Christianity

  1. I feel a couple comments in the video help clarify the issue:

    Homosexual marriage is not about marriage, but about forcing the acceptance of homosexuality on people.

    The effort to criminalize the expression of religious freedom by individuals and the Church.