Dr. Boyer’s prescription and pre-op instructions to remove liberal chaos.

It really is simple.

You are feeling sick are you? The world is spinning out of control and your family has come down with the bug of apathy? Uhggg! I see so many of these cases in my office!  The good news is, you’re at the right place!  Welcome to Dr. Boyer’s office! Coffee is brewing, go ahead and take a seat on the couch! The only thing this is going to cost you today is your children’s future… if you ignore the docs advice! I see on your pre-op papers that you have the following concerns: 
  • You complain and are upset that ABC just removed the only clean conservative show, “The Last MAN Standing.”
  • You feel yucky when you go to the women’s bathroom at Target, and a man walks in to watch you do your business. Makes you feel violated eh? 
  • Your children are bullied and mocked in class by their teachers because they are conservative, and forced to sit and listen to the indoctrination day in… and day out.
  • Your politician has betrayed you and your family and done so with a smile and five talking points in his hand, while his other hand is in your wallet.
  • You are “upset” that your tax dollars are being used to rip the unborn apart.
  • You are annoyed that those sweet grandmas like Barronelle Stutzman are about to lose everything because she stood for Jesus in the market place.
Ok, listen for a minute while I scribble out your RX. We will just bypass the pharmacy because I carry the meds right here in the office, and you will be good-to-go. 


  1. Stop turning on the channels to ABC, NBC, CBS and any television that runs smut through your living room. Don’t give them another minute of your time. Believe me, you will find something constructive to do with your time. Your eyes feed their liberal thuggery. I don’t care if they have a Jesus show on. Stop watching their network.
  2. STOP SHOPPING AT TARGET and anyone who uses your dollars to spread their liberal slime. Seriously. stop it. Every dime you give them, they run to the bank and say “LADIES, THE JOKE IS ON YOU!”
  3. Get involved… speak out…. and KNOW what is happening in your child’s classroom. If you have to, pull your children from these indoctrination centers called public schools. Let me tell you, they can put you on every curriculum council available, give you parent badges, and celebrate you till the cows come home, but as long as the teachers are allowed to use supplemental materials like You Tube and Instagram…. your children will be mocked and indoctrinated. Seriously, get your head out of the sand. You will probably have to detox your kids when you find out what they have been taught.
  4. Get over your addiction to a political party, see through these pre-crafted talking points, and send your politi-gator to the unemployment line! No excuses. Fire him (and the party) if you have to.
  5. Get your butt to the nearest pro life group who wants to see the end to the slaughter and demand the killing stop. Start speaking about this atrocity at your churches. DO SOMETHING.
  6. Stop it with the notion that this is Barronelle’s fight. Stop thinking that Aaron and Melissa Klein will fix religious freedom for you and YOU start acting like someone with courage. Speak out every single day on social media. Put your blinders on when people call you a bigot. Stop it with your silence.


Side effects may include.... Amazing friendships and a new unity in your family. You will be pleasing to the Creator of the Universe. You will find wisdom breeds courage. Your courage will be contagious. You will change the direction of this nation. 

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