#elephantstomp. Conservative win in District 22 (and the nation)

downloadMany of us remember the first #elephantstomp in 2010 when Conservatives united and swept the nation with a massive GOP takeover. I remember that day. We felt hope. We felt excitement. We felt unstoppable. Something happened last night when conservatives once again swept the nation in a GOP takeover. We were reminded of those same feelings,but in that mix, I saw an extra spark and expectation placed on the party we love so much. We elected them. We now hold them accountable!

This particular GOP win was personal for a lot of us right here in District 22, because for the past couple of years, conservatives had been betrayed by their state representative. With the help of liberal media and Indianapolis lobbyists, we had lost our representation for the conservative values we hold so dear.

We had a choice. Do something, or sit back in self pity and complain about it.

We chose to do something!

This betrayal by our state representative sent conservatives to the front lines… some for the very first time!

10378190_10152413979472116_7667824197447650256_nIt was exactly one year ago, about five of us met with Curt Nisly and his wife Mary at a little Dairy Queen in Wabash Indiana. Our “interview team” drilled him until he was three shades of purple and he was gasping for air!  We told him about our unhappiness with our current representative, what we expected in a representative, and where we stood on the issues.  It wasn’t  pretty and we did not beat around the bush. We didn’t tell him then, but he passed that meeting with flying colors. We then asked him to meet with a bigger team in Warsaw where he went through the same grilling. This one was a bit more intense as community leaders and pastors were sitting at the table with us. For two hours he was re grilled. At the end of the meeting we knew we had found our man, now we had to convince him to run! (that was a pretty tough feat to do after the grilling he took from us!)  He asked us to give him until after Christmas to make any decisions, and we asked him to pray about it and intensely talk with Mary.

We then hit our knees! 

In December, Curt let us know that he had prayed and sought much counsel and  wisdom from God and had diligently spoken with Mary who supported him. He had also done his analytical polling numbers (that would make a “big picture” person like me jump off a bridge) and agreed it was time.

He was ready to run. 

In a little coffee shop nestled  in Warsaw Indiana, the first meeting came to order. God brought together the most intricate team I had ever seen. It was a machine. A conservative machine who knew their mission, and were committed to completing it! Folks with talents, abilities, political stature, and the perfect mix of truth and love.

Curt committed his 100% to us, and we committed our lives to him. Counter to media claims, the focus was on the issues. You see, for us, it was not personal. We had been betrayed on the issues so it  was not an emotional decision for us, it was a principled. one. We began using the secret campaign strategy of exposing the voting record! (gasp!)

The journey began. 

Curt-Nisly-4887I will intentionally go vague here because I don’t want to give the team plan away! It worked once and it will work again, but to make a very LONG story short, we hit the ground running. Our team didn’t realize when they said they would give Curt their ALL, they meant giving him their ALL for an entire year! There was no break for this team!

From the amazing win in the primary, when Curt knocked out Rebecca Kubacki with 64.8%  of the vote, to the General Election win last night as Curt took 71% of the vote in his race against Democrat David Kolbe…the team pressed HARD.

Some of the volunteers had never been involved in a political race before! They were troopers! They weren’t afraid to take on a new task. They took blow after blow. Some of us “old timers” were caught off guard at times with the opposition threatening our lives and drilling us with hateful rhetoric! I’ve seen a lot of things in a political race, but even I had never been called a jihadist or compared to a terrorist until this race!

Our win was a great encouragement to our city, our state and our nation. So many times I hear excuses like, “My voice will never make a difference…. it doesn’t matter what I think…. we  will never claim our country again.” I’ll call  it for what it is… Hogwash! 

Never let anyone tell you  it’s too hard. Your voice matters, and you CAN make a difference!

However, you do have to make the first move.  You do have to say, “the cause is greater than the cost…I’m in it to win it.” You have to hold on even when it gets tough. The conservative sweep across the nation last night is proof that it CAN be done if you engage.

What if we all would have been engaged?  What if we, like the book of Nehemiah, all decided we were going to take care of our portion of building the wall? Friends, we would take this nation back for the cause of liberty in just days!

I ask you…  would you borrow some courage from our team?  Would you borrow some strength and commit to do your part? I promise you, we will change the world if we engage. Does it involve politics?  Yeah for a time, but in the end, when you have the right political leaders, then the fight for the issues becomes so much easier.


Yesterday was political for me… Today I have a new representative. Tomorrow will be about the issues I hold so dear.

Congratulations!  Liberty and conservatism rings throughout the nation, right down to the heart of District 22.

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