Elkhart Mayor Moore asks that LGBT ordinance be withdrawn, conservative foe of measure calls move a ‘great victory’ – Elkhart Truth

Time to increase the pressure to defeat the Goshen SOGI.

ELKHART — Amid a strong outpouring of opposition, Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore has asked that his proposed ordinance extending civil rights protections to the LGBT community be withdrawn from formal consideration.That doesn’t necessarily mean the issue is dead.The Democrat said in a letter sent Monday, July 27, to Elkhart City Council members that he’s asked city staff to pursue a more comprehensive overhaul of the city’s human relations ordinance instead. As with the original proposal, he wants the overhaul to incorporate civil protections for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.Still, some council members expressed skepticism.“I guess I would ask what time frame can we expect it in,” Councilman Brian Dickerson, a Republican, said. “I don’t believe he had the support for the ordinance.”Councilman Dave Henke, too, questioned whether Moore’s ordinance proposal had sufficient votes among the nine-member council. He also noted the strong phone and email campaign against the measure initiated by conservative advocate Eric Miller and his Indianapolis-based group, Advance America.“We’re getting 10 to 12 calls a day, everyday,” said Henke, who was contacted at least twice personally by Miller. “It was just way over the top.”In a phone call Monday, Miller called Moore’s move to withdraw the measure “a great victory” and cited the phone and email campaign he and his group promoted. Miller visited Elkhart on July 14 to lobby against the measure here and another similar proposal in Goshen.“If (Moore) does decide to repackage it and do the same thing in the future…then we will oppose that as well,” Miller said.

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Headlines like the one above, are the direct result of what happens when people stand together and say NO!  Grassroots moms and dads have been contacting their city council men and women for at least two weeks saying “NOT ON OUR WATCH!” It has been incredible to see brand new faces on the front lines. Some had never called a lawmaker before, and wondered if it would make a difference. It DID! Because of the pressure put on these men and women, an unexpected withdrawal of the Elkhart proposal happened today!

Mayor Moore can and probably will bring it back when the Goshen heat dies down a bit, but today we say thank you, and ask that you write to the Elkhart City council and Mayor Moore to tell them thank you for withdrawing this dangerous ordinance. This is a win for religious liberty and public safety!  You can click on this link to find the contact information for the Elkhart Common Council. 

Friends, Goshen still has their foot on the accelerator in their effort to try to pass the sexual orientation, gender identity law (aka the bathroom bill).  It is now more important than ever to call the Goshen City Council and Mayor Kauffman, and ask them to do what Elkhart just did.  Defeat the ordinance immediately. We’ve heard the public hearing on this will be next Tuesday, August 4th. (We’ll keep you updated) We have a week to inundate their email and phone. Here is the contact information:

www.advanceamerica.com pdf Goshen Ordinance Action Bulletin.pdf


Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing. That is so true. When we link together, and stand united, anything can be defeated. ANYTHING!


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