Ending discrimination in workplace, other areas is next gay rights battle – The Washington Post

Hoosier lawmakers must decide now...

The effort by activists promises to open a volatile new front in the nation’s culture wars.

Gay rights groups anticipating a Supreme Court victory on same-sex marriage later this month already are turning their attention to their next big priority: broad new legal protections against discrimination in the workplace and other parts of society.

The new campaign is aimed at enacting protections at the federal level and in 28 states where civil rights statutes do not explicitly ban discrimination against gay and transgender people. Source: Ending discrimination in workplace, other areas is next gay rights battle – The Washington Post

Since the religious freedom battle in Indiana, I’m asked the following questions almost on a daily basis by the political pundits:

  • “Monica, what has to happen so you will shut up about your distrust and anger with the GOP?”
  • “What do we have to do so you will stop pounding the party on the “issues.”
  • “Monica, do you realize we could lose the super-majority and perhaps even the governorship if you don’t shut up?”

Almost every time one of those questions is thrown my way, I return the question with a question. I’ve yet to get an answer.

  • “Where do you stand on the issue of the Sexual Orientation, Sexual Identity (SOGI) laws being passed like wildfire in each state?”
  • “What are YOU going to do when SOGI is introduced during the next legislative session?” 
  • “What TANGIBLE thing are you going to do to protect my religious freedom from the progressive left, whose only goal is to take it away?” 

It’s a fact. The Indiana GOP punted the religious freedom ball last session. They caved to corporate thugs and liberal media who bullied them into submission. Some knowingly. Some out of fear. When I think about it now, it’s almost as if it all happened in slow motion. We watched a group of men and women we elected know in their heart of hearts what the right thing was…. but in the end, were scared of economic terrorism and gave ground.

So what’s the big deal?

Because friends, that was the first wave of a two-part battle. If we don’t understand the root of the problem and what happened last session, then we won’t understand what is ahead this session. As you read in the article above, the supreme court hasn’t even ruled on marriage yet, and the left has their battlefield marked, and in position for the attack! They won’t stop until everyone bold enough to speak in support of traditional values and the importance of gender differences are similarly intimidated into total silence by fear or by law.

We on the other hand, are licking our wounds, apologizing to the left every chance we get, and wondering how we’re going to elect another round of republicans next season.

Quite frankly, I think that is putting the cart before the horse. 

Many lawmakers in Indiana, who I admit were put in a tough spot, are standing at town hall meetings regurgitating the message given to them by leadership.  [Hint: That is not a way to get the base back on board!]  We’ve seen too many credible legal briefings to buy that story.

How does the GOP get the base back?

First, they start by admitting there is a problem. It’s time to admit Hoosiers were sucker punched. It’s time to admit the “fix” was a stupid move, not only by policy, but by strategy. Giving the corporate thugs and liberal media even a hint that Indiana can now be swayed by bullying tactics was a stupid move. A really stupid move.

Dan Coats knew how to keep his base. I don’t agree with some of his votes, but he knew how to admit when he was wrong. He would apologize, and move forward with the majority of his base intact.  I’ll never forget the meeting I attended when he was questioned about his bad vote on the 2nd amendment. He sincerely said… “I screwed up.”  I have more admiration for that kind of man, than those who are standing in a pile of “stink” and are proudly determined to remain standing in that pile of cr… “stink.”

Second, the GOP needs to move forward and let Hoosiers know how they are going to protect religious freedom next session when SOGI laws are placed before the General Assembly.

The question I believe conservative lawmakers need answer is this: “Are you committed, and what is your plan to stop SOGI laws from taking our liberty?”

We know it’s coming. The left has told us.

1st-AmendmentSOGI laws are dangerous to not only people of faith, but liberty loving Americans. I explain why they are so dangerous in my blog entitled, Indiana, introducing SOGI… the RFRA revenge. SOGI laws extend far beyond people of faith and the religious setting by creating a special protected class, and a structure of “forced association.” This is not Constitutional. In a free society, no one should be forced to associate with anyone.

We must know where we stand and why we stand before the battle hits. Last session we were not prepared. The blame not only falls on the lawmakers, but also falls on the church. We were playing in the sandbox while the left was on the battlefield shooting for keeps. It’s time we get out of the sandbox, collect our things and head toward the field. The GOP must have their base. Statistics prove it. They need their base to not only get out and vote for them, but also work for them. They don’t need an apathetic army. We are the ones who make the calls. We are the ones who knock on doors. We need a champion to do this. Is it hopeless?  No.

There are three simple steps in my opinion, that would begin the healing process. 

  1. Admit the error. That means a lot of HARD conversations and humility with their base. There are some who will fall on their sword believing they did nothing wrong, but there are some who know the reality of what is ahead and are ready to work hard mending fences.
  2. Determine a battle plan. The base needs to know where you stand on religious freedom and issues like the SOGI laws. Do you support liberty? Then determine your battle plan. Know both offense and defense and prepare.
  3. Stand unshakable and unmovable. That means even when the darts are flying. That means when economic terrorism threats hit the state. This means when you are called names. Determine to stand.

To me, the math is simple. By standing for what is right and not caving, (even if they lose)  they win by restoring confidence in the base which believes they do not stand for their values anymore. According to a new poll by George Barna, evangelical voters who make up around 40% of the GOP base now rate the protecting of religious liberty as one of their top concerns even above the issue of abortion. Republicans know they must defend the right to life.  I wonder, how long will we wait for them to decide they had better protect religious liberty too!


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