EXCLUSIVE: Indy Star Orchestrates Secret Campaign To Promote LGBT Special Protections – Breitbart

Had enough? Here are five things you can do to send a message to the Indy Star "PAC"

Indianapolis-Protest-Reuters-640x480Breitbart News has exclusively obtained an email sent by the President and Publisher of the Indianapolis Star. It invites “community leaders” to help plan and coordinate an aggressive, highly orchestrated campaign to “persuade” the Indiana state legislature to adopt sweeping special protections for Indiana’s gay, lesbian and transgender communities.

The email, sent personally by Karen Ferguson Fuson, President and Publisher of the Star, was sent early this morning to an undisclosed list of business and media elites, together with gay rights activists. It pulls no punches in its scope or its goals. The email, in its unedited entirety reads as follows:

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Indy Star Orchestrates Secret Campaign To Promote LGBT Special Protections – Breitbart

We saw it play out during the last legislative session. Our lawmakers were bullied by the media so strongly that they finally gave up and cried “uncle.” Now they are back for the rest of their demands.  It comes as no surprise, but to see it in black and white sends chills up and down your spine. Objective journalism is officially over in America. The Indianapolis Star might as well register as a Political Action Committee. They are the neck that controls the head of the Indiana General Assembly.  This is disgusting and it is time to do something about it.

There are five things you can do RIGHT NOW:

  1. Immediately drop your subscription to the Indy Star. Without readers, they have no advertisers. The number to call is 317-444-4000. Tell them you’ve decided to find other sources of news and their service is no longer needed. Not another dime to the Indy Star.
  2. It’s time to cut off the funding. Send us a list of their advertisers. ‪#‎cutoffthefunding‬ It’s time to see who is paying for this kind of bullying.
  3. Call your lawmaker. Tell them to get tough skin and prepare to do the right thing when they head to Indianapolis. Tell you will stand by them in support if they stand up for Religious Freedom. Tell them you will pray, call, email and whatever it takes. Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity laws are DANGEROUS to Religious freedom.  Several lawmakers have already said special rights for certain groups are more important than the First Amendment. It’s time to let them know we are watching.
  4. Become a Citizen Journalist. Make the Indy Star irrelevant by reporting the news yourself. It’s time to up our game and play offense instead of defense. Learn Social Media!!! If we got off the bench and into the game, they wouldn’t be able to bully our lawmakers like this. It’s easy, and it takes just minutes a day. It’s time to become citizen journalists and activate our social media skills. Email me if you are interested in setting up a class in your area.
  5. Pray for your Lawmaker. He/she will be going into a spiritual battle unlike many of them have seen. Call your prayer groups and churches and surround them with prayer.  It is NOT easy standing in this cesspool of anger and manipulation. Pray for them.

It’s time we decide we are finished being bullied by the media with a tyrannical agenda. It’s time to take back our state and say we’ve had ENOUGH.

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