EXCLUSIVE: Kentucky Clerk: I am prepared to go to jail | Fox News

Milk-Toast Church meets the wrath of the LGBT

Kim Davis could become the first Christian in America jailed as a result of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.

“I’ve weighed the cost and I’m prepared to go to jail, I sure am,” Mrs. Davis told me in an exclusive interview. “This has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me. This is about upholding the word of God. This is a heaven or hell issue for me and for every other Christian that believes,” she said. “This is a fight worth fighting.”

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Kentucky Clerk: I am prepared to go to jail | Fox News

She will be the first American to go to jail for her faith. The church in America has a problem. We’ve been busy building our buildings and preaching soft messages to keep the fancy purses and stuffed leather wallets in the pews. Now the crud has hit the fan and the sheep are doing the only thing they know to do…. RUN FOR INSTANT PAIN RELIEF.

They don’t know any better.

They’ve not been trained for war by their shepherds. They’ve been given MILK. If you “feel good” then everything is OK! God wants us happy!  No one wants to hear bad news on a Sunday morning! We must keep politics (aka the issues) out of our sermons each week or we will offend someone. It’s a normal reaction quite frankly, and no different from parenting. What do our children do when faced with the hard choices? They gravitate towards the thing that makes them feel good. The sheep are the same way. If there is pain involved, we have been trained to “fix it.”

So how are Christians “fixing” this little glitch with this annoying woman who is raising the bar on faith Be honest… she annoys you. Suddenly rules of engagement change, and people of faith simply should not hold public office. Kim Davis should quit her job the “churchy” people started shouting!  “Give to Caesar what is Cesar… obey the laws of the land… Look at this woman’s shady past!” I guess that makes us feel good by saying it, but I don’t buy it, and neither does our Constitution.

There was a great article written by Bryan Fischer this week that talked about Christians in the public sector.  He said:

The distinctive mark of the American political experiment is that we are a nation of laws, not men. And what we mean by a “law” is something enacted by the elected representatives of the people or by the people themselves, whether at the state level or federal level.

A corollary to the maxim that we are a nation of laws is that we are decidedly NOT a nation of “rulings.” A court ruling is not a “law,” it is a “ruling.” It may have the force of law due to the abject acquiescence of a meekly compliant people, but it is not a law. A “law” is not a “law” unless it is enacted according to constitutional procedure. Under our Constitution, courts have no power to make or change law, none whatsoever.

Read the rest here: http://www.afa.net/the-stand/christian-persecution/clerk-the-only-one-obeying-the-law/#.Vec8xuqovMw.twitter 

Here is another article entitled Kim Davis is doing what every Christian magistrate should. 

sweet_cakes_top_img_by_g-f_017-764x460Here is the other problem.  Let’s say the above argument was valid and we should demand she step down because faith belongs within the walls of the church.

Think back just a few months ago when Aaron and Melissa Klein were slapped with $135,000.00 in fines and lost everything.

The church abandoned them too!

After all, we were not bakers so it didn’t impact us. Some even tried to write blogs around the philosophy that we could be great witnesses by baking cakes for homosexual couples. The radical ones posted the story and then moved on with our lives. Where was the church?

Where were the shepherds, their protectors… at a “leadership” conference? 

So this time they like to blame it on… “Well she shouldn’t be in public service if she can’t handle the heat...” The Kleins stood alone fighting for their very lives with their private business.

I’m done with excuses.

They say in life, a wise person listens to his mother’s words and holds them close. Well this week my mom, a silent type, spoke out on this issue about people of faith in the public sector.

Here is what she said:

If any person that works for the government can not express personal religious convictions then who will be our teachers, our city officials, our school janitors, our postal clerks, and the list goes on and on. I strongly believe that every one of us knows at least 10 people that get a check, health insurance, and or a pension from the government.

If my city councilman or my mayor can not express his or her religious beliefs then why am I working so hard to get pro-life pro “moral compass” people in office? I have wasted my time.

On the radio yesterday the argument was strongly suggested that she should quit, but when a caller asked the question about Daniel there was no argument. Just silence.

Daniel was a high official that was told to pray to other gods. He did not step down from his office nor did he cower to the king. He said no and prayed even louder accepting the consequences believing God would deliver him. He told them God was stronger and could deliver him. But if He chose not to Daniel was resigned to that. He obeyed God accepting the consequences! No one knew what God was going to do. We do now because we are looking back at history but Daniel didn’t. Oh what a rejoicing they must have had in the fiery furnace.

Right now we are the bystanders not knowing what God’s plan is for this situation. But I can tell you what satan’s plan is. He comes to kill steal and destroy to take our joy and turn us against each other. BUT GOD……BUT GOD……BUT GOD is in control!!! Let God work in lives. And don’t let yourself be a sideline coach.

Can you imagine all the advice Daniel would have gotten on facebook?

Kim Davis needs our prayers right now.

  1. We need to pray that she takes the right steps to glorify God, then we will know this situation will turn out for God’s glory and not a black eye from satan.
  2. Pray that when it is your turn to stand for your beliefs you will not crumble.
  3. Pray for wisdom to bring God all the glory.
  4. Pray for one another that we are able to stand. God is the expert in leading and guiding the persecuted church and causing her to grow.
  5. And lastly give each other room to figure this out. We Christians in the U.S. Are not good at persecution yet. These are our first baby steps and a little falling down doesn’t mean we are handicapped it just means we are learning to strengthen muscles we have not used before. Give it time and we will be ready to run. As scripture says if you can’t run with the foot men how will you be able to run with the horses?

Mom is right… It’s time church. We are in the final two minutes of the game. The enemy knows the end score (if you don’t know… he loses). He’s pulled out all the stops. He actually even has some of us convinced that since our past was not perfect, we cannot engage in the cultural war.

That is horse manure! Stop buying those lies and snap out of it!

Many of us don’t even know the rules to the game because we haven’t been taught. We don’t have a clue how to do spiritual warfare. We’ve never had to do it before! It’s time for a crash course because ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to the final hour. We’ve got the map in front of us with the rules of engagement. Time to self-feed and take out the Word of God! Start in Daniel. He gives us a perfect picture of how it feels to stand inside the lion’s den. DO NOT open one single self help book… that’s been our problem all these  years.

It’s not too late to get courage. It’s not too late to get instruction, but you don’t have even a tiny margin for error.

No compromise… Grab a bunch of courage and Get your House in Order.

Holy Spirit, baptize us with the courage of Daniel.

Update:  The ink was not even dry, and the Judge orders her to jail for not issuing gay marriage licenses. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/09/03/judge-orders-defiant-kentucky-clerk-who-refused-to-grant-gay-marriage-licenses-to-jail/

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