Five Ways to Drain the Indiana Swamp.

'Gators -n-Crocs' eviction notice.

Hoosiers all across the state of Indiana are watching with relief as the Indiana General Assembly comes to a close.

This was a session unlike any other I have seen the past 15 years. Out of control “Republican” lawmakers plugged their ears to their constituency, and shredded the GOP platform.

Thankfully, it is nearly over and now it’s time to hold them accountable.  Your lawmaker must leave the Indianapolis Chamber bubble and come home to you… the voter.

Assessing the damage:

Rest assured, to Hoosier families, “damage” is a politically correct understatement. Voters were duped the last election into believing they were electing a Republican-controlled, conservative, super majority who would stand behind the ideals and beliefs of the platform. These politicians fund-raised on issues such as life, 2nd Amendment, low taxes, small government.

We took the bait…voted for them…and watched them turn their back on their voters. Now, instead of representing their constituents, these lawmakers represent the liberal Chamber of Commerce. Here is a quick breakdown of the Indiana Republican super majority to date. Just a few bites of the damage. (I’ll give a complete damage assessment when they say sine die for the year.)

  • Raised taxes. Indiana is going to have the 5th highest gas tax in the country.
  • Wouldn’t pass pro 2nd Amt legislation. (Most are endorsed by the NRA.)
  • Wouldn’t pass pro life legislation. (Of course, most are endorsed by Right to Life.)
  • Removed your right to vote for your state school superintendent and sent it to a political party.
  • Added fees to your BMV visit and tire purchases. (Puts all that money in a slush fund -not the roads.)
  • Made the taxpayer foot the bill for free babysitting for preschoolers.
  • Voted to take your DNA if arrested, even if found innocent. Want it expunged? Your time… your money.
  • Wanted to mental health test your children.
  • Did I mention they can’t even pass a pro second amendment bill? They actually had the gall to declare faux victory after they killed all the pro gun bills in a summer study committee. (Where is my shocked-disgusted eyed emoji?)  Weak.

Plan of ACTION. It is time to hold these lawmakers accountable.

The Indiana Swamp MUST be drained of the ‘gators’ and ‘crocs’…  The Indiana legislature, controlled by the Republican party has become nothing but a swamp full of jelly filled spineless politicians who have their fingers in the pocketbooks of hard working Hoosiers. They’ve raised your taxes, spent your money, refused to protect the unborn, and successfully killed the 2nd Amendment bills (just to name a few).

So how do we drain the swamp? Here are five tips that if adopted as a foundation and attitude for how to unplug the drain to the swamp, will be tremendously successful. This along with unity and hard work will get the job done!

Tip 1

You don’t drain the swamp by feeding the alligators. DRY UP THEIR FUNDING. Don’t give them a DIME. When you get an email from the party with crocodile tears asking you why … tell ’em you are no longer feeding the alligators.

In fact… reverse it.  Let them know you are now giving to organizations who will actively fight against their stupidity. Organizations like the Indiana Liberty Coalition, Hoosiers for Life, American Family Association of Indiana, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation.  Let them know, every time they call, you will donate to your favorite organization who will fight for your principles!

Tip 2:

You don’t drain the swamp by making friends with the alligators. Alligators will do anything to survive in the swamp. ANYTHING! They will even try to convince you they have no teeth and do not bite! The remedy? Always put the ISSUES before the fake friendships. Be nice, yes… but believe in your issues more than campaign promises and rubber chicken tickets they give you. When you get an email from the ‘gator’, with his eye lashes batting, and 5 excuses to why they betrayed you… pull out tough love and stick to the issues. Point to the GOP platform vs. their vote. It takes the emotion away.  By the way, this goes from local all the way up to the state. Starve them of funding. 

When they tell you that you are a mean person and they will find “other friends,” (happened to me this year) tell them you’ve made great friends with the likes of the Indiana Liberty Coalition or the Heritage Foundation, AFP, or the AFA! Seriously, you don’t need thieves and liars as friends. You want champions who will protect your family.

In fact, let them know you are now subscribed and volunteer for organizations who will actively fight their stupidity.

Your goal with a politician is not to make friends. Get a puppy for that! Your goal is to be respected.

Tip 2.5 (Here is a freebie): Sometimes even your local lobbyist decides he or she likes to swim in the swamp too much because the swamp king gave them access and a title deed to the food.

If that’s the case, find a REAL swamp hunter!

Tip 3: 

Access to swim in the swamp does NOT equal influence to the swamp critters. If your local ‘gator’ tells you that you will lose access to all the perks and connections with him if you keep calling him out, tell him you are on a diet. You don’t need the kind of political “pile” they are feeding. Access does not equal influence. Access actually equals a slow death sometimes. When you are respected, they will still call you EVEN if they don’t like what you have to say.

Let me repeat that… when you are respected, they will STILL call you even if they don’t like what you have to say!

Burn this next sentence in your mind—–> Your audience is NOT the lawmakers who reside in the Indy bubble for four months a year.  Your audience is THEIR CONSTITUENTS. This year, I got a call from the statehouse and was told that I was not liked this session by those who sit on the floor of the House and Senate. (I’m not even joking.) I think they expected me to be surprised.  You see, they were REALLY mad that I released a photo with the pictures of all the lawmakers who betrayed their taxpayer pledge. I let the caller know that I simply didn’t care what they thought of me. My audience was not that representative. My audience was that representative’s constituency. I don’t care if I am liked by the swamp creatures! After all, when you drain the swamp, you create a lot of homeless, jobless critters!

Tip 4:

STOP giving out faux endorsements!  When you endorse a candidate, make it actually mean something. Political endorsements are nothing but “nods” for re-election and crumbs purchased by the highest bidder anymore. STOP IT! Remember, you don’t drain the swamp by making friends with the alligators. Alligators do anything to survive in the swamp. Even convincing you they believe in your issues. Many elected officials hold onto these faux endorsements, knowing they can count on ignorant voters who depend on these organizations to tell them how to vote instead of having to use their BRAIN!  That is changing.  The people are becoming educated!

That is what I have committed my life to do…expose the swamp votes.

You want to endorse? Test them first.

Will they CHAMPION your issue?  If not, they don’t need your endorsement. Stop accepting crumbs. They get fat, and you starve. Many organizations have lost thousands of hours of hard work because they hand out endorsements like candy in hopes that the ‘gator’ will share some of his crumbs with them. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really good lawmakers who deserve endorsements, but 9 times out of 10, lobbyists give endorsements to those who don’t deserve them.  Make them act like a CHAMPION before you give them an an endorsement. 

A champion is someone who is absolutely committed to your issue.  He/she will be mentally tough enough to absorb the pounding from the opposition, leadership, media and even his own friends. There are very few Champions these days.

In fact, this year, one of our very own champions for the 2nd Amendment, was taken hostage by the liberal Indy leadership machine. Representative Lucas, was silenced by the GOP leadership when he was put in leadership. His bills all were defeated and sent to a summer study committee.  I imagine all sorts of promises were made for the future of these bills if he “just waits.”  When a Champion Badge is removed,  it’s a VERY sad day.

Tip 5:

Principle over Party: Finally, if you want to drain the swamp of the ‘gators’ who are taking away your freedom and your values, you MUST hold your values with a deeper urgency and love, than any political party. The #INGOP has shown us a picture this year that there really is only one party — Just depends on who happens to hold the gavel. They love re election and money more than they love the people they represent.

It’s best to go cold turkey, but it’s time to reclaim and DEMAND representation and our values.

Indiana Senate votes to raise Gas Taxes,

Will there be some pain with this part of the hunt? Perhaps. Will we lose a super majority? Perhaps. But to tell me that we have anything different than liberal rule now is laughable. In fact, here is a secret. Sometimes a simple minority forces your lawmaker to actually WORK for the values you elected him to represent.

The tips I laid out in this article are just a part of a blue print in draining the swamp. Within this structure is MUCH work. For example. You will have to find someone to replace your ‘gator’ if they continue to vote against your values.

There is work to be done!  However if we used these tips as a framework, and a brand new attitude, we could change the system.

Let me end on a happy note and a promise to you.  Indiana has some incredible champions who stood for the taxpayer, the unborn, the 2nd Amendment, conservative principles. They literally stood alone in a swamp full of men and women who countered their every move. In fact, some were given a warning that they should shut up or face a Chamber funded primary.   In an upcoming blog I will write about these heroes. 

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