Five ways to know if you are paralyzed with fear, or armored as a WARRIOR for the cause.

There’s a fine line between fear and paralysis. Sometimes we struggle to find that balance in the fast paced society we live in today.

Strapping on spiritual armor is NOT simply providing yourself with a “pep talk.”  It is preparing your body for war. Many in the American churches are playing their “pass card” to escape the war, in hopes they will be eaten last.


There’s a fine line between paralysis brought by fear, and the classic over-achiever. Sometimes it takes some mistakes and mid course corrections in order to find that sweet spot.

Our personality plays into that process. If we are type-A driven people we tend to error on the side of “I’ll fix it myself” and self-sufficiency, when those with more passive personalities engage, sometimes that may look apathetic or fearful.

We have to judge our personalities and ask ourselves where we need to land.

No one gets a pass.

For all of us, we have a job to do. We’ve been given an inescapable mandate to fight in the war for the heart and soul of this nation. We can’t escape it.

As the Bible reminds us, we don’t have to have all the same jobs. We’ve not all been called to be the voice, or the hands , or only the feet of Christ. We have a job specifically tailored to us.

This doesn’t mean we can’t help each other with tasks not necessarily assigned to us, but it does mean we were not called to sit on our hands.

To some, the job seems scary in this new day and age we are living in. What is right is now wrong, and what is wrong is now right in the eyes of the world. You will be made fun of, mocked and ridiculed. That’s a fact, it’s not going to be easy. It’s something that’s just simply now the new norm.

Speaking out even among close friends is now very scary… but friend, war is scary. That is why we need our armor. Ephesians 6, where we are told to put on the WHOLE armor of God, was not just a suggestion. There is comfort in that armor. It tells me that indeed, I must fight, but He has given me everything I need for the battle. I just have to use it

So how do you know if you are living paralyzed by fear, or if you’re living as an obedient WARRIOR for the cause of Christ?

Let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. When someone mentions your assigned task, do you feel a pit in the bottom of your stomach? Maybe a little conviction? For type-A folks, this must be bathed in much prayer because we tend to take on every job as our own. Have you obeyed?  If not why is it? Because of fear?
  2. Are you in a season of rest intentional rest?  Elijah knew this path well. God intentionally placed him in a season of rest to heal him. Rest as a mandate for every healthy warrior. I personally don’t like this one, but it’s a mandate…and one that must be obeyed.
  3. Do you care more about what your family, friends or even your pastor says than what God has called you to do? Are you living paralyzed with fear for the fact you may lose your friends or family? Here is a tough one… what about your job status? Do you freeze at the thought of losing your job? In all honesty, we lose most warriors here. Most are not willing to sacrifice jobs to obey Christ.
  4. SQUIRREL! When you know God has asked you to speak, do you look for 20 other things to fill your schedule? Do you see shiny objects? Do you try to run ahead of his will? This is dangerous. When we step outside of God’s will we lose the covering and protection He has over us.
  5. Do you run to Tarshish? Jonah knew what happened when he disobeyed and ran to Tarshish instead of obeying his call to Nineveh. We can argue, but most of us know what God has called us to do. We are the kings and queens of excuses,  but we know when we are running away from in disobedience. The key for us is to make sure we find obedience before we get swallowed by the fish!

So take a self test.

Where has God placed you in life?

Are you living in fear or disobedience?

Are you supposed to be resting?  Obey Him, then get back in the field when he releases you. The battlefield is no place for anyone with weary, armor less warriors.  Whatever your self-check shows, engaging in the war is as simple as just obeying. If you need rest… then rest.  If you need to kick it up a notch, then just do it!

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