Forced tolerance: Celebrate sin,or I’ll sue you.

Throw confetti, or lose your job... your choice folks.

Photo by The Patriot Post

Photo by The Patriot Post

I have said from day one that the homosexual agenda was not about the institution of marriage, it was about changing the culture from within. It was about the church. It was about the destruction of the family.

The past year, we’ve seen hundreds of stories where Christians have come under direct assault by the gay community, (aka”gay mafia”) for standing for their Biblically held values and convictions. Christian business owners have had to make a choice. Some have already played offense and contacted lawyers to set up a plan in anticipation of the moment the assault hits their doorstep. They’ve already decided they will not cave on their deeply held convictions.

Some businesses like SweetCakes Bakery provided service to homosexual couples for every event in their life except the wedding. They could not participate in the event and politely declined a lesbian couple who wanted to purchase a wedding cake.

They paid with their lives. Slapped with a 135,000.00 fine, they now stand to lose everything.

Barronelle Stutzman, the Washington florist was sued for living her Christian convictions and her inability to compromise her values by providing flowers for a gay wedding. Again, Ms. Stutzman provided flowers for every other event in this couple’s life, but could not participate in the event. Her business was completely annihilated by the gay mafia.

843_4038369Others, like the jeweler in Canada agreed to design the wedding rings for a lesbian couple. The jeweler did such a great job, the couple even referred their friends to the business. However there was a crime committed, and they paid dearly for it. The business had a sign in their front window that said,

The sanctity of marriage is under attack. Let’s keep marriage between a man and a woman.

This set off a storm of anti-Christian bigotry that hit the newswires. The lesbian couple demanded their money back, saying they believe the rings they ordered will have been tainted by having been fashioned by jeweler Esau Jardon’s hands, given what impure thoughts he holds in his mind. (Read story here)

Rod Dreher, from the American Conservative correctly stated,

You must not only bake the cake, or arrange the flowers, or make the ring, you must hold the correct opinion when you do it.”

Eric Moutsos

Eric Moutsos

Today, Paul Ogden wrote about a story in Utah. It was about an officer who was punished for not “performing” in a gay-pride parade.

Let’s make something really clear up front. The officer had NO problem providing security for the event. As Valerie Richardson stated in her article in the Washington Times,

Eric Moutsos had no problem with working security at a gay-rights parade, but he did have a problem with kicking off the festivities by performing a choreographed routine as part of the department’s motorcycle squad.

Ogden explained in his article how important RFRA is, and how it could have helped this officer.

He stated:

Utah does not have a RFRA which restores the pre-Employment Division standard for handling Free Exercise challenges.  If Utah had a RFRA, once Moutsos showed the rule substantially burdened his religious beliefs, the city would have to show that the rule requiring officers to participate in the Salt Lake City Gay Pride Parade served a compelling interest in community outreach and the rule on participation (allowing no one to choose a different assignment) is narrowly drawn to advance that compelling interest. It is unlikely that Salt Lake City could meet the requirements of a RFRA test.

Have we now reached a point in history where we can no longer hold convictions even quietly?

Have we now come to a point in history where not only can we be criminalized for our faith lived out loud, but our opinions held silently?

graphics-flashing-light-245546Friends, it’s here.  This is why, I’ve HAMMERED and SHOUTED from the mountaintops that it’s VITAL to decide NOW where you stand. As Eric Erickson so often says, “You will be forced to care.”  You are no longer allotted the luxury of living quiet peaceable lives unless you decide you are ready to turn in your Biblical belief system for the godless one.

You will be impacted in the market place, in your schools, and yes friends, it is coming for your pastors and your church. Now is the time to decide where you stand. Where does your church stand? If you don’t know, meet with your pastor to find out. Is he willing to LEAD? If they are not solid…find one with a STRONG uncompromising backbone. Ask your pastor to join with hundreds of other pastors in the Indiana Pastors Alliance. Like their facebook page and spread the message quickly. There is power in numbers. It’s not too late.

Our lawmakers have proven they are not up to the task. They caved like a cheap empty suit this year when Indiana tried to protect religious freedom. We can no longer depend on their election promises.

Bobby Jindal said it best when he said, ” America did not create Religious Liberty; Religious Liberty created America. Without religious liberty rights no freedom of association, no freedom of speech.” 

Here is my question to you?

Are YOU up to the task?

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