Freedom of Worship vs. Freedom of Religion.

religious-freedom-challengedHas anyone in your church mentioned the fact the Obama Administration has changed the way they speak about religious freedom? Early in his presidency, when Mr. Obama was on one of his apology tours in Cairo, he began to replace the term “freedom of religion” with “freedom of worship.” We have been too busy fighting with each other to realize what this means! We hand our freedoms over to government without even realizing it.

Redefining the terminology allows the government to redefine what it protects.

Religion centers on a core belief system. Worship is just one factor of that. Many countries, such as Romania and Saudi Arabia, have the “freedom of worship,” but their people have no freedom of conscience, no freedom to spread the Gospel or practice religion in the public square. This is one of the main commandments of the Christian faith. Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations in Matthew 28.

If Christians have the freedom to worship in their own home but don’t have the freedom to tell others about Jesus Christ, that really is not freedom at all. That is the difference. If you want to live your faith out loud as Jesus commanded, you cannot do it, unless you have freedom of religion. It’s about time we start paying attention to the fine print.

How many Evangelical pastors, on the Sunday morning after the Catholic Church was stripped of its right of conscience, told their flocks to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; YOU ARE NOT CROSSING THIS LINE IN MY CHURCH?”

How many Evangelical Christians picked up the phone to encourage their pastors to speak out?

How many Evangelicals called a local Catholic priest to let him know they will stand with him and hold up his arms if he gets weary?

9781475943795_COVER_FQA.inddThe politics of the church and its members matter. Religious freedom is under assault by our federal government. I’ve heard many Christians point out the Catholic Church has been undergoing their own internal problems with various scandals, and their membership tends to vote liberal in most states. But, when the Catholic Church in America was slapped in the face with the reality of losing their core convictions and their right of conscience, they chose to stand on those convictions.

It’s time we ask ourselves, do evangelicals have conviction to stand in the face of evil like this? Or are we too worried about what people think? NOW is the time for all churches to stand together, or as it is said, we will fall separately. If you attend a church that HAS put aside the fear of being politically incorrect and HAS summoned the courage to speak out, make sure you call and thank your pastor.

Excerpt taken from the book, “Not on My Watch.”

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5 thoughts on “Freedom of Worship vs. Freedom of Religion.

  1. If we don’t stand now, we will fall later!!! Our Nation was founded on the principles of God’s Word and many have died to keep our freedom. Lets not make it in vain!!!!!!