Freedom stuck in the jaws of the snake.

A warning to the Silent Majority.

Here’s how I see it. The baby bunny in this video symbolizes our religious freedom (or any freedom for that matter). The snake represents the pure evil that has gripped our nation. Evil that is trying to rob us of every freedom we’ve ever known.

It’s main target in my opinion is religious freedom. The venomous jaws of bondage are wrapped around its lifeless body, squeezing it until it breathes its last.

For a few minutes into this video, I felt like I was suffocating. Who is going to stand up and help this baby? There is no hope for the bunny!

Stupid rotten snake!!!

Then, it happens…. Yes my friends…. mama rabbit doesn’t even think twice.  She bounces in and says OH NO YOU DON’T! She doesn’t care if she is the ONLY one fighting for this baby. She’s gonna to do what it takes to rip the venom from her nest and free her baby.

Silent Majority… Christians… Conservatives…CHURCH… listen up closely!

We are the mama bunny! Do you know the power you hold right there in your own hands? Do you know what would happen if the silent majority realized they were in the grips of tyranny and would fight back? For one, the big corporations wouldn’t have been able to launch economic terrorism in Indiana last session!

Don’t buy into the false doctrine that we can do nothing about what’s happening around us. Don’t fall for the lie that we should be silent, and take the hits as they come.  As a great pastor I know once said, “It’s time we stop looking to “leave” this world, and look to LEAD this world.” All it takes is a few good men to not only rescue the bunnies from the snake’s jaws, but chase it away and make it wish it never had attacked in the first place!

Quick Recap:

  • Baby Bunny= Religious Freedom
  • Snake= Tyranny, Evil, and Bondage
  • Mama Bunny= The Silent Majority

Now, what are you going to do about it? Silence is surrender.

Join the Coalition of the Silent Majority today and DO Something!

Indiana Pastors Alliance

Indiana Religious Freedom Alliance (Grassroots)


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