Get Your House In Order!

499_4406013If you have blood running through your veins and oxygen in your lungs, you can’t help but feel the tension in the air these days. Even those who have chosen to bury their heads in the sand while pretending we are living in the land of unicorns and popsicles, are beginning to wake up to the fact they are now living in shackles of tyranny.

There is a stirring and a restlessness within the church pews; you can feel it. Those who have been fed soft sermons are beginning to look around in panic. Those who have shepherds who have loved their sheep enough to speak truth are putting on their spiritual armor in preparation for what is ahead.

As I pray for this nation, and my family, I’ve sensed God saying this:

“Get your house in order.”

  1. Prepare to stand alone. Are you ready to give account for why you believe what you believe? If not, then may I suggest studying like you have to cram for the most important exam of your life.  Don’t depend on the internet or self-help books to get your information. Get a hard copy of the Word of God and a concordance (I just purchased this one), then start digging in. Learn to self-feed.
  2. Prepare your children to stand alone. Have you taught them just the frilly stuff, or are they ready to stand in the fire as well? (Don’t think for a minute the enemy just wants you. He wants your kids) In fact, he’d rather have your kids FIRST. Prepare them to stand boldly in the face of persecution. 
  3. Default buttonPrepare your spirit. Prepare emotionally. “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a SOUND MIND” (2 Timothy 1:7). Persecution can take a toll on the mind. Center your default button on Jesus Christ. Know his Word inside and out. Are you ready to be mocked for the cause of Christ, or do you cower in the corner when someone calls you a bigot? Are you so sensitive that you are even afraid to post something on Facebook for fear you will be unfriended ? If so…then toughen up my friend. No weapon formed against you will prosper.
  4. Prepare your finances. Are you financially free? Are you able to stand strong if you lost your job? The time is coming when you will not be able to hold a public sector job if you stand on the Word of God. Are your household finances ready for this? Would you be able to feed your family if you lost your job? Prepare yourself financially. I’m even organizing my house to shed the excess “stuff we’ve collected over the years.”
  5. Don’t depend on any politician to fix it. They won’t. This mess is something only an act of God will fix. It’s beyond any politician, judge, or president. Doubt me? Just look at the ultimate cave and compromise of Indiana’s governor when things got tough. I have come to believe that no man can stand under the attack from the left and hold a political office.
  6. This is NOT a time for fear. Let me say it loud and clear again…. This is NOT a time for fear! Don’t even think of being afraid…. Joshua 1:9 says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” In fact the Bible says do not be afraid 365 times.  This is a time for preparation. Remember the story of the 10 virgins waiting for the groom? If not… read it again.(Matthew 25)  Five of them were like most Americans alive today. They had their lamps with them but didn’t worry about filling them with oil. They were probably too busy at the ball field having fun. When they fell asleep, the groom came, and they missed him. The other five were prepared. They knew the groom was coming, and they had their lamps filled and ready. Look what happened to those who were not prepared. They missed the groom and the door was shut. Don’t fear… JUST PREPARE!
  7. Prepare your marriages. The attack on the family is overwhelming. The enemy knows the power he will have over your family if he can split up the troops. Your marriage WILL face pressure. Decide NOW how you will stand the test and darts being thrown at the family. Talk about it. Pray over your family. The other night I walked the property line of our home and prayed over our home. Build tall fences around your family.
  8. Prepare for persecution. It’s not “if” anymore.. it is “when.” Is your family ready? If not, take them off the T-Ball field, clear your schedules and get them ready. Even those who have been playing it safe will be impacted. There is no one who will be able to escape making a choice to serve God or the government dictates. Some have chosen silence, thinking they will not be touched. Every American who calls himself or herself a believer in Jesus Christ will have to make the choice. As Eric Erickson has said so often, “You will be forced to care.”  Prepare now. 
  9. Find a solid church. This is important. There is power when you stand together. Find a church and a shepherd who are willing to stand (even if they lose their tax exempt status). Don’t settle for weak leadership. If your pastor is not willing to guard his sheep with truth, then find a new one. Did you know 75% of the Christian population didn’t even vote in the last two elections? This is due to the silence of the pulpit. The false premise that the pulpit cannot speak is exactly that… false. Find a church who will speak out.  You need people who are courageous and willing to stand surrounding you. We will need each other during these days.  
  10. Finally, learn to pray like you have never prayed before. Depend on the Holy Spirit like He is your next breath. Learn what it means to pray in the Holy Spirit without ceasing. This will be your lifeline. This past Sunday after church, I asked our guest and fellow brother in Christ from India to pray for our nation. I realized as he was praying a powerful prayer, how much I needed to learn to pray with power and authority. We already have it… we just have to ask. Step up your prayer. Pray with desperation.

If you sense the restlessness and urgency like I do, it’s time to get your house in order.

Jesus is coming soon, but before he does, it could get rocky!

Romans 8:18: For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. 

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8 thoughts on “Get Your House In Order!

  1. And more than just church, find a body that will support and defend you during times of hardship, crisis, and persecution 😉 Hello, fellow Hoosier!