Goshen City Councilman playing both sides of the LGBT debate

Snap2According to the Goshen News, Republican City Councilman , Brett Weddell is trying to play both sides of the sexual orientation, gender identity issue.  Mr. Weddell has suggested adding a resolution that says:

WHEREAS, it has long been the public policy of the City of Goshen to provide all of its residents equal opportunity for education, employment, access to public conveniences and accommodations, and acquisition through the purchase or rental of real property, including but not limited to housing, and to eliminate segregation or separation;”

The updated resolution’s other notable changes occur in the final two paragraphs.

Where the resolution’s original conclusion called on the State Legislature to investigate the need to create new protected classes such as “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”, Weddell’s updated resolution expands on that by calling on the Indiana General Assembly to create a legislative study committee to review the civil rights protections for all residents of the state, including but not limited to “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”.

The updated version then concludes with an entirely new paragraph, which reads:

“FURTHERMORE, the Goshen City Council strongly encourages the Indiana General Assembly, whenever they consider legislation that would impact the quality of life for ALL the residents of Goshen, and the entire State of Indiana, to only adopt legislation that does NOT discriminate against ANY resident.”

Interpretation: We don’t have the courage to vote or pass special protections at a local level, but we want our state officials to make the call and impose this law on every county in the state. Mr. Weddell knows it’s wrong for Goshen, but he seems to be willing to pass dirty work on to the state to impact every single town, city and county. 

This is a bad “fix” to a very bad and dangerous policy.

Here is what to do:

Call Councilman Weddell, send him an email and tell him, no compromise, no amendment and withdrawal your resolution. His contact information is 574-533-2606, brettweddell@goshencity.com



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