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GOSHEN — After tabling an amendment adding LGBT protections to the city’s civil rights ordinance and two related resolutions, Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman is planning to issue an executive order in an attempt to extend some protections to the city’s LGBT community.In a Thursday, Aug. 13, news release, Kauffman said his executive order will add sexual orientation and gender identity protections to the city’s hiring policy. The city attorney is still working on the exact wording of the executive order and will be completed in the next few days.

Source: Goshen mayor to issue executive order adding LGBT protections to city hiring policy – Elkhart Truth

So let me get this straight… After he was unable to pass the sexual orientation, gender identity ordinance through the city council just ten days ago, Mayor Kauffman (or shall we call him King Kauffman) has now grabbed the executive order pen from the Obama administration and acted on his own to create a special protected class of citizens anyway.

Working around the elected officials, he praised Councilman Stutsman for his wonderful work on the ordinance and is now drafting the bad policy in the face of all the Goshen citizens opposed to this. It didn’t seem to matter that hundreds of Goshen residents came to the meeting, emailed, and called to tell the council they didn’t want this.

It simply didn’t matter.

However this move should matter to every Hoosier because this seems to be the new way to pass these kind of laws. Need something passed? Get an activist judge or an activist mayor to get it done for you!

It’s time the Goshen citizens speak out against Mayor Kauffman who is playing king, and say you have had enough.

Here is his contact information.

Mayor Allen Kauffman.202 S. 5th St. Goshen, Indiana 46528
574-533-9322 (work)
574-533-5168 (home)
Fax: 574-533-9740
Email: mayor@goshencity.com



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