Governor Pence welcomes gay pride festivities.

I received the following email from the American Family Association of Indiana today. When the story broke, I was told,  “Lighten up, he is just being nice. Don’t you want a nice governor?” I might be able to see their point if it was a typical family friendly “rainbow” parade. It’s not.  Just check out the pictures from the previous parades (Graphic warning). These were a couple of the “family friendly” ones.  If he welcomes all events in the state, I have to wonder if he’d send out the same welcome to a pornography club or the swingers convention if it was requested?  Media appeasing does not work with conservatives… bad call Governor Pence.


Indy Pride 2010 - 2I have always shot straight with you.   This is the hardest email I have ever sent as the director of AFA of Indiana.    I cannot even begin to convey the heartbreak that comes with what I am about to share.   Yet, faith goes before friendship.  The calling before the crying.

The Indianapolis Star just reported that they have a copy of a letter, confirmed by event organizers that came from Governor Mike Pence’s office, welcoming the Indy Pride homosexual festival and parade to Indianapolis.

Some folks thought otherwise, but I liked and respected Governor Mitch Daniels, yet when I disagreed on a fundamental core issue, I said so.   When he sent a welcome letter endorsing this hedonistic festival I spoke up and quickly burned my bridge with their staff.  You know that my admiration for Governor Pence and his staff runs even deeper and for years prior.    I may burn a bridge here again, yet out of respect for Gov. Daniels, for you my supporters at AFA-IN, and for the family for religious freedom and all that AFA-IN stands for . . . I must do this again.

Romans 6:13 says, “Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness . . .” Ephesians 5:11 says, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”     I don’t know how one can describe what goes on at the Indy Pride event and parades as anything but controversial, but why Governor Pence would welcome this at all, when not all events in Indianapolis receive a welcome letter from the Governor just boggles my mind, and it breaks my heart.   This is happening right when social conservatives and people of faith are already disgusted with the Republican party, politics, and many politicians.  This is like a stick in their eye, and for many, this will be a bridge they can no longer cross again on Election Day.

Indy pride_0094Governor Pence did not express support for the agenda of Indy Pride, in fact it was a rather benign letter, but the fact that it was sent at all, is a move that he, or his advisors, should not have even considered.  It wasn’t politically necessary, or wise.  Everyone knows that Indiana is a good state and that people are free to do as they choose, but that does not mean such “freedoms” or all actions should be validated by government leaders.    (Already, homosexual activists are saying Gov. Pence’s letter didn’t go far enough.  There’s a political lesson in and of itself – weakness is provocative. What did you gain from an all or nothing liberal group that doesn’t like you to start with because of your Christian faith?  How much did you lose with your base? )

_mg_0136Below is a picture of a recent Indy Pride parade, one of dozens from recent years that I have which would shock most Hoosiers.  These are not merely a few exceptions. Yet even if they were, .  . . well, all I can say is that this is NOT what I believe our state should be linked with in any way beyond basic public accommodations.  It is certainly not worthy of a letter from the Governor’s office or worse, the Mayor of Indianapolis as its Grand Marshall, which is going to happen, but that is no big surprise.

Please pray for this event and those attending it. Pray for this situation, the Governor’s advisors, and even for AFA of Indiana and myself for the grief I will take from a few for this sending email.   (I had no choice.)

Thank you for your understanding and for your support.

Best regards,
Micah Clark
Executive Director


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