Guest Author for InkFreeNews says Religious Freedom Bill will empower police to refuse to patrol areas around synagogues or mosques!?!

Today I was scanning the local news and ran across a local article from inkFREE news entitled, “Indiana’s Senate Bill 101 will harm business.” This was written by GUEST AUTHOR, Adam Talbot from the Human Rights Campaign. It was blog he put in a press release format and sent to all the news organizations who would bite. inkFREE bit and published it as news.

Birth Control Mandate Pennsylvania

In the article he stated,

The Human Rights Campaign is sounding the alarm on a bill under consideration in Indianapolis. Senate Bill 101, now before a committee in the state House of Representatives, is part of a wave of anti-LGBT legislation (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) emerging across the country that threatens to undermine all existing state civil rights law, unleash a wave of litigation, and damage the economic climate and reputation of the states in which they are being considered.

S.B. 101, entitled the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” empowers individuals to sue the government over any policy that they believe infringes on their personal religious beliefs. If passed, the law could empower police officers to refuse to patrol the areas around synagogues or mosques, allow doctors to withhold medically-necessary information from their patients, or expose the LGBT community to a wave of new forms of discrimination. (read the rest)

How does one become a guest author for a news organization?  By simply writing a press release?  Do facts matter when writing for a news source? If facts matter, then read my response to Mr. Talbot that I submitted to the same news organization.

I would hope Inkfree News would do a better job of choosing guest “hosts” on their site. When I read the article on SB101, Religious freedom, my jaw hit my desk.  Empowering individuals to sue the government? Police officers patrolling synagogues or mosques? Doctors withholding care?

Are you kidding me?

The left has used the same old talking points, making this bill about gay marriage. It nothing to do with gay marriage and everything to do with Religious Freedom! If you are alive and breathing these days you have felt the push to silence those who hold faith.

Let me give you some facts. The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act is the SAME act passed by President Clinton, supported unanimously in the US House and passed 97-3 in the US Senate. It was endorsed by the ACLU and blessed by the SCOTUS last summer in the Hobby Lobby case. So why would Indiana join 19 other states to pass a RFRA if it is already a federal law? Because it was ruled that the federal RFRA only pertained to the Federal government, not the states. Each state must pass its own. Indiana currently is left unprotected. In fact inmates currently enjoy more religious protection that Hoosiers.

Without a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Hoosiers must rely only on unelected judges. Religious liberty is too important to leave it up to only the courts.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, gay or straight, a Christian or another religion or no religion at all, this bill is designed to protect the First Amendment rights of ALL Hoosiers from GOVERNMENT overreach.

The Indiana Hobby Lobby Bill doesn’t pre-determine winners and losers, but ensures that when the government burdens freedom, our freedoms get a fair hearing to determine whether the government has overstepped its bounds. It is an impartial referee that equalizes the playing field and moderates the power of government over the lives and the minds of Hoosiers

I did receive a response from inkFREE today after my submission.  They stated they will consider my submission as a Letter to the Editor.


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