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J.D. Ford, candidate for Senate District 29

Not many things come as a surprise to me these days. Who would’ve ever thought we’d be living in a day where pastors’ sermons are subpoenaed, ministers threatened with jail time for following Biblical values and principles?

For years, pro family leaders have stood boldly behind a microphone warning America what was going to happen if they did not wake up. I remember reading Janet Porter’s book Criminalization of Christianity, thinking…this is fiction… never in America.

This morning I was taking a break at work and I received a text message that said, “Monica, you’d better take a look at your email.”  I always know I’d better brace myself when I get a message like that.

I’m glad I sat down.

Senator Mike Delph, a champion for defending traditional marriage is being challenged by Democrat candidate J.D. Ford, an openly gay candidate running for Senate district 29 . During a recent candidate forum, Mr. Ford was addressing the issue of religious freedom. According to the inforefront blog, the following played out before the audience.

Indiana Democrat Senate candidate J.D. Ford, who is challenging incumbent Republican Mike Delph, made an outrageous comment at a recent community forum that disqualifies him from any public office in the land.

And because it was captured on a YouTube video, you can judge for yourself.

Responding to a question about how we should think about businesses and other organizations that do not support the recent court-compelled same-sex union requirement, he says those institutions should be prevented from receiving public services, specifically mentioning police and fire protection.

The forum was held at the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center in north Indianapolis. So, I ask, Mr. Ford, if a Jewish printer doesn’t want to print signs for a gay rights rally that promotes behavior contrary to the Hebrew Scriptures (what Christians call the Old Testament), his or her business should burn if it catches fire?

Similarly, if a faith-based hospital that is guided by a Church that believes the Bible’s understanding of marriage as the sacred union of only one man and one woman, suffers a fire, the place should burn to the ground and all who are in it?

This Ford won’t run very far in fair-minded Indiana.

As former Texas Gov. Ann Richards famously said, “Stick a fork in him. He’s done.” Time for a recall.

Wonder if Democrat super stars US Sen. Joe Donnelly and former Speaker John Gregg will do anymore door-to-door campaigning for Mr. Ford after this video goes viral? http://www.indianaforefront.com/this-ford-recalled/ 

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