Breaking: Houston pastors’ sermons subpoenaed.

dgSo often I am reminded of the story written by a Christian in Germany during the Nazi Holocaust. A little church with a congregation who knew what was happening to the Jews. This congregation heard the horror stories week in,and week out, but they chose to close their ears and do nothing. The reality would hit them on Sunday mornings during worship. They heard the train outside with boxcars full of Jews screaming for help. They heard the screams. They felt there was nothing they could do, so they tried to drown out the horrid screams.

What did they do? They turned up the organ, and they sang their songs a little louder. They chose to close their eyes and ears to the reality of what was going on right outside their doors. Millions died because of their chosen silence.

I’ve often wonder what I would have done. I’ve tried to place myself in those very pews. CERTAINLY I would say something!  God as my witness I would!

Then I come back to reality, and look around at the silent pulpits and apathy of Americans. The selfie generation.

We are the ones singing louder.

People who call themselves “Christ followers” pack themselves into churches, dim the lights, flare the concert lights, turn up the music, and escape from the reality of the lies they have adopted as truth. What are those lies?

You cannot talk about politics in church… moral issues are political, stay away from them… there is nothing we can do about it anyway…my voice will not make a difference…the government is going to do what they want anyway…what about our 501c3 status? … what persecution, I don’t see any…. Separation of church and state… I’m too busy… We are living in the end times anyway, let it be…. I am a democrat… I am a republican… maybe the Bible meant something different in the olden days… you cannot talk about these kind of issues in church…. these are just a few of our excuses.

I’m calling it out for what it is… Bullhonkey.

If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times working with pastors right here in Indiana.

I just don’t feel it’s my calling to talk about this stuff on Sundays… People have had bad weeks, they need healing on Sundays…I have Democrats that attend my church, and they will leave…. The Republican chairman goes to my church… People see the news all week long and they need to feel safe in the walls of our church. They need escape.”

CaptureWell friends, turn up the music a little louder, because the story that came out this week will give you heartburn, and may cause a holy fire to stir in your belly.

Pro family leaders have warned for years, that the ultimate agenda of the homosexual community is to silence the church. Because we said such drastic things, we were awarded with tin foil hats. I’ll stand here and say it again today, the homosexual agenda is after the church, and if we don’t wake up very soon, we’ll realize we are bound by shackles.

My former state representative, along with 20 of her colleagues talked themselves out of standing for right, and voted against marriage when they said, “Oh it won’t hurt if we have homosexual marriage, they just want equality, they don’t want to control the church.”  happy happy happy.


This week an unprecedented attack on the church took place and I saw Christians reaching for the volume button to tune it out once again. Stop. Before you turn up the music, let me tell you what happened, then I give you permission to RIP the volume button completely OFF and put your faith to ACTION.

download (1)This week five pastors in Houston Texas, who had been active in the opposition of the Houston Equal rights Ordinance (HERO), an ordinance passed that dealt with gender identity and sexuality in public accommodations, (aka the bathroom bill) were served papers by the Houston attorneys.  They were subpoenaed and ordered to hand over their sermons that contained homosexuality, gender identity, or Annise Parker, Houston’s first lesbian mayor. If they failed to comply with this demand, they would be held in contempt of court and possibly jailed.

Contempt of court for not handing over their sermons!?!?

The pastors were not part of the lawsuit. However, they were part of a coalition of some 400 Houston-area churches that opposed the ordinance. The churches represent a number of faith groups – from Southern Baptist to non-denominational.

“City council members are supposed to be public servants, not ‘Big Brother’ overlords who will tolerate no dissent or challenge,” said ADF attorney Erik Stanley.  “This is designed to intimidate pastors.”

Mayor Parker will not explain why she wants to inspect the sermons. I contacted City Hall for a comment and received a terse reply from the mayor’s director of communications.

“We don’t comment on litigation,” said Janice Evans.

However, ADF attorney Stanley suspects the mayor wants to publicly shame the ministers. He said he anticipates they will hold up their sermons for public scrutiny. In other words – the city is rummaging for evidence to “out” the pastors as anti-gay bigots. (read more)

Todd Starnes from Fox spoke with one of the pastors on the phone last night,  He stated, “I just got off the phone with one of the Houston pastors who was ordered to hand over his sermons. He told me he will defy the government. “My answer to that is — bring it on,” Pastor Dave Welch told me.I told the pastor that if they put him in jail for contempt I would consider it an honor to share a jail cell with him. Stand tall, people of faith. Defend religious liberty!

I would hope millions of us would follow our own pastor’s lead and join him in the jail cell.

The first amendment is the foundation of our nation. It is time the American Church take their hands off the cool lights and fancy music and join the fight to protect our religious freedom before we become a nation in chains.

Russell D Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention stated,The separation of church and state means that we will render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and we will. But the preaching of the church of God does not belong to Caesar, and we will not hand it over to him. Not now. Not ever.”

This morning I was praying and asking God what I can do to stand. I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, and saw a post written by Don Bates. He stated it so well.

This morning I am reminded of Patrick Henry, the great Patriot who gave the “Liberty or Death” speech that ignited the American Revolution. I’m reminded of him because of what motivated him to give that speech. While on his way to a meeting of the Continental Congress, he witnessed the tarring and feathering by British soldiers of a Pastor who had performed a wedding ceremony without a license from England. With the news coming from Houston, Texas regarding Pastors being forced to turn over sermon outlines to insure they don’t preach against homosexual or lesbian behavior, I’m reminded of Patrick Henry. I’m reminded, because it appears America has come full circle. The same Religious Liberty that inspired the Pilgrims, and that fanned the flames of the American Revolution is once again under attack. In the name of tolerance, equality, and political correctness, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression is now being put to the test. I must confess, I wonder if we will pass this test.

I will leave you with this final story and a challenge. Will we take the mantle? Will we come face to face with the reality we are living in, or will we choose to turn up the music and lights and ignore what is happening around us?

I choose to stand with the likes of Peter Muhlenberg and take my place on the battle field…Will you?

2885261It was Sunday morning early in the year 1776.  In the church where Pastor Muhlenberg preached, it was a regular service for his congregation but a quite different affair for Muhlenberg himself.  Muhlenberg’s text for the day was Ecclesiastics 3 where it explains, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted….”1
Coming to the end of his sermon, Peter Muhlenberg turned to his congregation and said, “In the language of the holy writ, there was a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away.”2  As those assembled looked on, Pastor Muhlenberg declared, “There is a time to fight, and that time has now come!”3  Muhlenberg then proceeded to remove his robes revealing, to the shock of his congregation, a military uniform.  
Marching to the back of the church he declared, “Who among you is with me?”2  On that day 300 men from his church stood up and joined Peter Muhlenberg.  They eventually became the 8th Virginia Brigade fighting for liberty.  (read the rest

th (4)Pray for an awakening to sweep across this nation. The only “fix” to the problems we face is for hearts to change. It’s possible. Its happened in history. Pray with us that we see this in our lifetime before it’s too late..

Join the Indiana Coalition to Protect Religious Freedom and find out what you can do to protect Religious Freedom right here in Indiana. We are asking the Indiana Legislature to act IMMEDIATELY and put protections around our state to protect the 1st amendment and our religious freedom by inating a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Please contact your lawmaker and ask them to get behind this Indiana RFRA.

We must stand NOW.

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