How to take over the state-run, left-wing media…


You hear and see the headlines day in and day out.

Liberal twists

Liberal jabs

Liberal Hate

The American family is inundated with “news” the drive-by media has selectively chosen to filter into our homes. Moms and dads do their duty watching this stuff so they can feel informed, but never question the agenda or validity of what they are watching. They simply don’t have time. Schedules are jammed packed to the minute. By watching the news, the typical American has no idea our country is literally on life support.

What they DO know: They know the latest twerk moves, they know who last years American Idol is dating. I’m sure they have even probably been introduced to the Obama’s latest dog, Sunny.

What they probably don’t know, is that our country is 17 trillion dollars in debt. They probably have no idea that each of their family members own more than $52,000.00 of that debt, some of our littlest ones even before they even take their first breath! They probably don’t know that regulations are choking the life out of business and stealing jobs. Most likely they are unaware that they will soon have to sign their lives over to the government healthcare system. I don’t imagine many Americans know that their hard-earned tax dollars go to the slaughter of the unborn due to Obamacare, or that the American church is on the cusp of losing their religious freedom. Some may feel the beginning pains of some of the Obama policies, but most just think it’s last nights pizza and blame that indigestion on Bush.

Let me be clear. I understand I’m preaching to the choir. I understand that my readers are well-educated and informed, but I ask you…what about your family. What about your friends? The media has been taken over by the state and government agenda.

It is time we accept it and revolt! 

It is time we become citizen journalists. It is time we use their own tools against them. We do this by Twitter, Facebook, blogging, letters to the editor or any other way you can think of to get our message out. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times….“Monica, I am so angry I can’t even see straight… Monica I am so angry, I just want to take it to the streets” and then they pick up their remote control and go check their Facebook and post pictures of kittens and lollipops. Kittens and Lollipops don’t tend to offend many.

ENOUGH!  TAKE BACK THE MEDIA! If they won’t tell us the truth. Let’s tell the truth ourselves.

What can you do? How do you become a citizen journalist? Lets start at the very beginning.


citizensSeek out conservative friends… Not so you can hang together and sing Kumbaya, but so you can share information and stay encouraged. Get over your fear of offending people. Your country is ON FIRE. you need to either fight for it, or give it away. Grow thick skin. What is the worst they can do to you? De friend you? Ouch… cry me a river! Your forefathers took a bullet for you. As my twitter friends would say…#getoverit! There are safeguards you can put in place if you have close family members you don’t want to lose. Otherwise, toughen up and put your armor up. Start slow. Find an issue, or news article that you believe in that was posted by your friends. Make sure it is credible and accurate. Hit the share button. simple.

Go ahead… Try it now… see you in a few.

How did it feel?


Good! You are now in the doorway to becoming a citizen journalist. Find conservative news outlets and conservative blogs. Follow them daily. I follow outlets such as The Blaze, Politico, Drudge, The Hill, Fox News, Onenewsnow, LifeNews,Breitbart News,Redstate, Michelle Malkin’s blog, CBN’s The Brody File, Hoosier Access, etc. Bookmark them, and follow the news daily. I also follow Facebook pages such as Kitchen Table Activism, or Hoosiers against Common Core, where I know the action steps have been researched and is easy to share with my friends. Again, make sure your sources are credible. If you are following a blog, make sure you look for the originating news link. Copy and paste articles to your Facebook page.

The more conservative news you share…the more we beat the drive by at their own game.

Carry a camera with you as you everywhere you go. You will never know when you will need it. Nothing creates more buzz, or makes the left-wing media madder than TRUTH caught on video. Our homeland security likes to say, “If you see something, say something” I also like to say, “if you see something, record something!”

One other FaceBook tip: It is important to set your Facebook posts to public so they can be shared and viewed. No sense in posting items that are only viewed by you and your spouse. Some people have two Facebook profiles in order to protect themselves. Quite frankly, I don’t give a flying rats behind what people think of my views. Our country is on FIRE.

Ready to get a little braver? Sign up for a twitter account! Twitter is similar to Facebook without the control of who sees your posts. It is a great source for breaking news. When you follow news twitter feed, sometimes you get it even faster than television. Start a blog. When I started blogging, I made the decision that I didn’t care if only two people read it. If two lives were changed, it was worth my time. Now it is read by thousands.

Whatever you do… just do something.

The two biggest secrets to beating the liberal media is first, to grow a backbone. You must be angry enough to NOT to care what people say. Grow courage and then OPEN YOUR MOUTH. As citizens, we must go around the liberal drive by media and be journalists ourselves.

I close with this story: 

The other night I was flying home from the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream summit. We were traveling late. I was exhausted. I knew I had a three-hour drive back home that night so I was looking forward to catching a nap on the plane. I sat down in my window seat, opened my iPad to begin writing this article before we had to turn off our electronics. A cute little college girl and her boyfriend sat down next to me. She leaned over to me and began to talk. I’m not an airplane talker. I prefer to bury my face in a book. However, something told me that I needed to listen. I quickly found out That she was a liberal. Everything in me wanted to RUN! Some people have a fear of spiders, some of heights… not me. My biggest fear is to be trapped on an airplane in a window seat next to a liberal where there is no escape. After all, I wear my conservatism on my sleeve!

Then it hit me… The AFP had JUST given us the very tools I needed for this conversation. One of our speakers that day had just told us that half of the American youth think they are liberals, but when you open them up and share the definition of FREEDOM. They quickly realize that just maybe they are not as liberal as they thought. I asked her if she knew what freedom meant. She looked confused, and so I said, can I tell you my new definition? I went on to regurgitate what I had learned at the AFP summit. Three ways to define FREEDOM are spelled out in the following statements.

  1. Don’t tell me what to do.
  2. Don’t take my stuff
  3. Don’t be a jerk

A pretty simple starting place.

She literally lit up. For two hours we talked. She said, I have a lot to think about…I’ve just always thought I was a liberal because my family was. She shared her story with me, and I shared mine. I gave her some simple history and a bit about how our legislature works. Before we parted, she said, I have one question… Why were we not told about this in school?

Folks… If you don’t tell them, who will? Did I change her mind? Maybe… maybe not. But if I had not opened my mouth, this young lady would only have the liberal media telling her what to think and who to vote for.

What are your issues? What keeps you awake at night? Is it economic freedom? Religious freedom? Sanctity of life? Traditional family values?

Whatever it is…Speak up!

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. The average American is uneducated. They may have the best intentions and faithfully watch the news every day…. But unless they have unbiased news…they are uneducated. Are you willing to take the first step? Are you willing to fight for your country?

What is holding you back? What is silencing you? It is time to take back the media. Take back the conservative message. Take back the tactics of the left. Own your message and spread the good news of conservatism. Don’t let the left define that for you. Wake up your family. Wake up your friends.

How will they know unless they are told?

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3 thoughts on “How to take over the state-run, left-wing media…

  1. Thank you : I am on fire too. My first face to face with a “liberal”, young college. I grabbed my heart gasped for air, …its the big one. Talked a full hour , seriously, and finally a crack of light got in, her eyes widen..she shared that a family member had just left that day to bring home an orphan girl from China. More education.
    The General Mom( nickname) education began. Bam! She pointed out there was only ONE conservative on campus . Her right to hv abortion, more education.. What would her boyfriend think , more education.. Oh mercy. So when I finished schooling her, she meekly said, I should get to know this conservative guy
    One down.
    Keep the information coming.

  2. Thank you Monica. The fight is far from over. thank you for empowering me to make a difference. It is time to grow a back bone and be willing to take a stand unlike some people in D.C.