Indiana GOP, It’s decision time. Vote with the people who put you in office, or find a new job.

Snap11The following links contain the speech given by Dr. Ron Johnson, executive director of the Indiana Pastors Alliance, at the April 27th press conference. That day nearly 30 pastors gathered with over 200 Hoosiers to deliver a strong message of censure to the Indiana Legislature for their betrayal of Hoosiers of faith. I will continue to add links from the other speakers as they are uploaded. Below the links I will include a copy of the censure letter sent by the Indiana Pastors Alliance.

  • RFRA Rally – April 27 – Ron Johnson Introduction
  • RFRA Rally – April 27 – Ron Johnson Part 2
    • Why our Democrat friends are not friends of religious liberty.
    • Why our Republican friends failed to protect liberty.
    • Why the LGBT leadership is anything but tolerant.
    • Are we still allowed to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman without being coerced or fined by our government?
  • RFRA Rally – April 27 – Ron Johnson Part 3
    • Why sexual license and religious liberty can never peacefully co-exist.
    • We are witnessing the violent collision of two opposing worldviews.
    • The reason why good people are being fined and bankrupted for simply living our/their faith in Christ.
    • Why the human conscience is not subject to the governments of men.
  • RFRA Rally – April 27 – Ron Johnson Part 4
    • Why the church is entering a “Bonhoeffer” moment.
    • The Scriptures are very clear concerning sexual sin.
    • Sexual sins must never become civil rights.
    • Why life, marriage, and liberty are non-negotiable for the Christian.
    • Every law makes a discrimination, and every law reflects someone’s morality.
  • RFRA Rally – April 27 – Ron Johnson Part 5
    • The battle for religious liberty is far from over.
    • The doors of our churches are open.
    • God is a God of both LOVE & TRUTH.
    • The good news is Jesus heals the sexually broken.
    • A much-needed wake up call to our leaders.
  • RFRA Rally – April 27 – Ron Johnson Part 6
    • Sellout.
    • When the pressure was on them to stand, 23 of our leaders flipflopped.
    • We need some Louisiana Bobby Jindal in this state.
    • Where do we go from here?  Ideas presented…Will they listen?
  • RFRA Rally- April 27- Kevin Baird

The battle has just begun.

We’ve already been informed that the gay rights’ lobby has geared up for part two. They want it all. They want a special protected class of citizens based on sexual behavior enshrined into our Indiana law. If they are able to do this, you will no longer have the freedom to live out your faith in the public square or in the workplace. You will be isolated to your church building. (see Freedom of Worship vs. Freedom of Religion)

NOW is the time for your church to unite with hundreds of pastors all across the state of Indiana to make sure this does not happen. The Indiana Pastors Alliance is a network of clergy, churches, and Christian organizations who have come together to advance and defend the cause of faith, family and freedom throughout our great State. There is more power when we stand together!


Please send these links to your pastor and ask him to stand.

This battle is not going away friends. We can no longer hide within our churches pretending persecution isn’t here. It’s time for our Pastors to remove their robes and begin to fight for religious freedom.  It’s time for you and I to stand with them as they do.

Here is the letter sent to the Indiana leadership on behalf of the Indiana Pastors Alliance.

Dear Governor Pence and the State Legislature of Indiana:

We are writing on behalf of the Indiana Pastors Alliance and the millions of Christians we represent across this state who feel deeply betrayed by your leadership. As pastors, we recognize the recent legislative debacle surrounding the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is not the sole responsibility of any one individual. We recognize that when political activity occurs there can be a variety of culprits and innocents in what has turned out to be one of the worst legislative decisions in recent history. That being the case, it does not absolve your actions nor does it remove your responsibility in the final legislative outcome.

We are acquainted with, and tired of, the increasingly used excuses that compare the ugliness of legislation with “sausage-making”. We are aware of the “back-room deals” that make finding culpability nearly impossible as blame is shifted from person to person or simply allowed to taint the whole legislature. But one thing remains clear, this “fixed” RFRA legislation has opened the door to a trampling of our liberties, and we are deeply concerned. We longed to see our leaders demonstrate moral courage in protecting the religious liberty of all Hoosiers and they capitulated, despite all well-crafted protestations to the contrary. There are few ways this could be interpreted besides betrayal. We are grieved more than you could possibly know.  (Read the rest of the letter HERE)

Can we heal within the party?

It depends. Some have asked where we go from here. Can the GOP heal after this massive betrayal of their constituents? I’m hopeful they can! First they must to come to the realization that they DID NOT make a good bill a better bill.

Read the latest legal briefing from the Liberty Institute in Texas, one of the largest leading “protectors” of religious freedom in the nation who said, it would have been better to have no RFRA at all thana RFRA with this “fix.” This latest briefing joins four others like it.   LibertyInstituteLegalAnalysis 

You can also read Liberty Counsel’s briefing here:  Indiana SB 50 and Religious Liberty (1)

It’s serious. Our lawmakers MUST pull away from politics for a minute to see the danger they put us in before their base, can even begin to heal.

Healing will not occur because Governor Pence told the media we have healed. We are FAR from it. Healing will only occur with a change of heart, and a listening ear. To date we have only seen them dig their heels in and tout their “fix” to save their skin.

It’s time to unite folks. It’s time to hold them accountable. Join the Indiana Pastors Alliance and get ready!

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