Is there a Biblical Mandate when you walk into the voting booth?

Yesterday I watched a group of teenage girls having the time of their lives in the makeup aisle of the local CVS. If giggles and makeup were the recipe for happiness and world peace, then these girls could have fixed all the troubles in the DC bubble that day.


I recognized these girls from a church service I had attended in town awhile back and guessed they were about 18 or 19 years old.

I got to thinking about these young Christian girls. What does their future hold? Are they aware of the political tsunami headed towards our country and how it will impact their lives as women, wives, and mothers? Do they even know there is a problem?

Digging deeper into that question, I began to wonder WHEN they might begin to sense trouble and know it is happening around them, and do they know that there’s a standard God has put in place to instruct us how they are to vote when they go to the polls?

Have their pastors instructed them how to vote? Not who to vote for…HOW to vote.

My guess is no. We have been living in fear of political parties and the IRS for so long, we’ve ignored the instructions given to us by the Creator of the Universe.

So that is what I’m going to do today.

You will find this to be a very simple blog. I’m going to put the cookies on the lowest shelf possible in hopes that someone even as young as my daughter would be able to go into the voting booth, close the curtain, and know what questions to ask before she pushes the button.

So how should Christians vote?
I’m glad you asked!

Thinking about these questions made me do a refresher course on what I believe, how I vote, and why it matters. I will answer the question in two ways.

First, I’ll give you my opinion of what Biblical voting is, then I will post a series of articles written by Dr. Kevin Baird that digs a little deeper into the theological reasoning to vote Biblically. Let’s start with my opinion.

What is Biblical voting?

I believe to vote Biblically means to elect men and women into office who share our Biblical values with NO compromise. As Dr. Baird states in his article, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect candidate… however there ARE foundational principles that should be used to filter through the issues. Some of these issues I will not compromise. Here are some examples.

  1. top tenLife. The very foundational, entry level principle for me is the sanctity of life which goes from conception to natural death. This means so much more than just a campaign stump speech by a candidate touting his or her pro-life stance. It means acting and voting like it. This means starving Planned Parenthood of any and all taxpayer funded resources. It means voting for life and voting against abortion… ALL of the above, all the time, not sometimes on Tuesdays. God is the author of life. Jeremiah 1:5 says he knew us before he formed us in our mother’s womb. In fact God felt so strongly about life, it actually made the top 10! Thou shall not murder! If it is that important to God…it’s that important to me when I go to vote.
  2. Marriage. Do they stand for traditional marriage? Is the candidate one who will protect marriage between one man and one woman for one’s lifetime? This is directly connected with the next question.
  3. Religious Freedom. Will said candidate protect my religious freedom at ALL COST? This means even when it’s not the popular topic of the day. If I might be honest here, sometimes these issues are tough to ask of our candidates because our churches have become like the world and have lost quote-liberty-is-not-collective-it-is-personal-all-liberty-is-individual-liberty-calvin-coolidge-57-4-0444their Biblical principles themselves! If we lose religious freedom, we have lost one of the most important freedoms given to us by God himself. It is worth protecting. If a candidate will not protect religious freedom and individual liberty as our founders wrote about in our founding documents, he or she does not get my vote. It’s as simple as that. Many politicians say they want to protect our religious freedom, but when it comes time to protecting our freedom of conscience, and individual liberty, they twist the First Amendment into something completely different.  Calvin Coolidge said, “Liberty is not collective, it is personal.  All liberty is Individual Liberty.
  4. Israel.  How does the candidate stand on Israel? Will he/she vow to protect Israel at all costs? There is no gray area here. God is VERY clear on how we treat Israel. He will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse Israel.
  5. Company. I also want to know who the candidate surrounds them self with. Dr. Baird stated…. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “Bad company corrupts good morals.” Who is supporting the candidate? Who is working for the candidate? Company matters.
  6. Judges. I want to know who he or she will put in the Supreme court. This has MASSIVE impact on people of faith, and the Bible has a lot to say about the integrity of judges. (Deuteronomy 16:18)
  7. Finances. Where does the candidate stand on Fiscal responsibility and financial wisdom. Can he run his own home? Is he going to be wise with our money?
  8. Trustworthy. Finally, I love the verse given in Ex 18:21. It says to look for able men from all people, men who fear God and are trustworthy and hate a bribe. If we were honest with ourselves as we go to the voting booth, there are many times we KNOW the candidate is not trustworthy, but we have been told, it’s OK as long as he or she is the lesser of two evils. Here is a newsflash for those pundits. The lesser of two evils is STILL evil.

I believe if Christians took the time to vet the candidates and voted Biblically instead of who they say can “win”, who is most popular, or which political party they want to punish, we would see our country return to its founding, and we would be blessed as a nation again.

I picture it this way…. if you put a lineup of kitchen strainers and begin to pour the candidates through, starting from the top…



Religious Freedom⇓



Supreme court…⇓

Financial wisdom…

In the end, you would have one… maybe two candidates that Christians should/could vote for this election, and SEVERAL who need to be shown the door.

This election is critical.   We MUST educate ourselves on the issues.  We must decide now where we stand. It’s not hard to figure out if we truly want to know. As Matt Walsh said on Facebook yesterday, and he is right:

Donald Trump, the vulgar, adulterating, bullying, mob-connected, scam artist Planned Parenthood apologist who brags about his penis size and calls women dogs and claims he does not need God’s forgiveness, has now won almost the entire Bible Belt.


Let that sink in.

Don’t try to put a positive spin on this. The fact is, with only North Carolina left to vote, an unrepentant philanderer and tyrant who brags of his plan to murder women and children when elected president has now won every state that we’ve previously considered the Bible Belt. He’s won almost the entire south, in fact, defeated only in Texas and Oklahoma.

“But most of the people didn’t vote for Trump!”

Stop it. Trump got 47 percent of the vote in Mississippi. 43 percent in Alabama. Over 40 percent in Louisiana. He won with smaller margins in places like South Carolina and Arkansas, but he still won. Thousands and thousands and thousands of “Christians” chose him. And they chose him over guys like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and even Kasich and Carson, when he was still in.

“A lot of them were open primaries!”

Stop it. Open or not, if Trump wins the nomination, he will have won it with the indispensable support of almost the entire “Evangelical” South.

Do you know how many votes a fraudulent hypocrite who advocates war crimes and supported partial birth abortion should receive in a state that calls itself a member of “the Bible Belt”? Try zero.

You make excuses all you want, but the fact remains that the most un-Christian Republican candidate in American history is now leading in delegates because the vast majority of our “conservative Christian” states chose him. That’s the reality. And it’s a travesty.

Perhaps its time to think up a new moniker for that region of the country. Maybe we can call it the Secular Populist Belt. Or the Reality TV Fans Belt. Or the Christian Culturally But Not Spiritually Belt. I guess that’s all a bit wordy. Maybe we should just call it the Trump Belt. Trump actually has a fashion line that sells belts, and I’m sure it will go bankrupt soon enough, just like Christianity in America is going spiritually bankrupt. See, it all comes together pretty nicely, doesn’t it?

Whatever new name we choose, all I know is that any state that throws it support behind Donald Trump does not deserve to tout its “Biblical” credentials. But I suppose there’s no reason to be surprised here. Many Christians in America have long decided to adjust their faith to fit into their life, rather than the other way around. For many of us, our faith is just a word and a slogan and maybe a few bits of Old Testament trivia clanging around in our heads. This is what we’re seeing play out today. And we ought to be ashamed.

Lord help us.

On another note, God bless Texas.

Before I sign off, let me leave you with Dr. Baird’s article of Biblical voting.  This is one of 6 parts in his blog.  Make sure you read all 6 parts to dig deeper.


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