ISIS terror attack during mass. Priest beheaded.

5 things you can do to protect your family for the times ahead.

Catholic priest murdered during mass in terror attack.

Two attackers reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar before slitting the throat of an 86-year-old priest and critically injuring at least one other person during a Tuesday morning terror attack on a church near the Normandy city of Rouen, officials said.  Read the rest:Fox News


First, let me start this blog by saying that we are NOT to live in fear! Let me repeat that. We are NOT to live our lives in fear. The Bible is very clear about that. In fact you will find 365 times in scripture where we are commanded not to fear and be courageous. However we ARE to be wise. Courage and wisdom go  hand in hand. We live in a new day. As we read in the story above, people of faith were simply attending worship when the terror attack took place We need to be wise in preparation for the times we are living in. We should NEVER trade wisdom for laziness and apathy.

It is HERE.

I spoke with a close friend this morning who was deeply concerned about this article because her neighbor and a woman she goes to church with, was alerted by the FBI this week that she is on the ISIS kill list and is now unable to attend events due to this news.

Right here in small town Indiana.

I know there is a temptation to want to look away and ignore warnings like this. There is a temptation to pretend it is not on our soil, and go about our busy lives. However, that attitude is gravely dangerous.  I am not writing this to create fear-filled panic. I write this to ask you these questions:
  1. Have you prepared yourself physically?
  2. Have you prepared yourself spiritually?
  3. Has your church prepared themselves?
There is no excuse to be a helpless victim.

There are several things you can proactively do. Here are just a few.

  1. Know your environment. When you walk into a room, is your head bent over your iPhone scrolling through text messages, or are you alert? Do you know where the exits are? Do you know how you would get your family out of the room if you need to. Even in church… KNOW THIS.
  2. Own a firearm and learn how to use itOwning one is not enough. You need to educate yourself on HOW to use it. You need to practice with it, then you need to CARRY it. If you’ve put it off… maybe NOW is the time to sign up for the next class. I know several instructors.. message me for info. 
  3. Have a family plan. Talk with your family about situations before they happen.  It is important we don’t instill fear in them, but it’s critical that we let them know there is a plan if it’s ever needed.  Do you have a code word to use if you need to implement the plan? Do your children know how to defend themselves? Our children take the pistol/self defense classes right along side of us! They are educated and know what to do in these cases.
  4. Does your church have security? They need to. Crazy people like this choose soft targets. Don’t believe me? Read this article again. A priest was beheaded folks, it’s important that your place of worship be well versed in situations like this. It is critical they have a plan to protect their congregants. There are many places that do specific training for churches. Again, message me for some information.

Finally # 5 and the most important one of all:

Pray and put on the Spiritual ArmorLearn how to pray like you’ve never prayed before. I am dead serious. If you only pray at dinner time, you are going to get your CLOCK cleaned! It is time to pull out the spiritual armor and learn how to USE it. Most Americans use the drive-thru church service on Sunday morning. They are warmly told they are A-OK as they grab their feel goods and drive down the road.

Oh dear friend… if you are not spiritually prepared for what is ahead, you are going to be the first meal on the enemies plate. Learn how to do spiritual warfare. 

Don’t live in fear… Live with wisdom.

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