Just give me Jesus

flat550x550075fI love Jesus.

I love him with all my heart and soul.

I’m not afraid to tell you what He’s done in my life.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you again.

I love Jesus.


How do we look to others? I believe that sometimes Christians are so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good. I think the spiritual “theological code language” we like to spout off every other sentence can be a turnoff and sound”secret and club like” to those who are not believers. It might make us “feel” more theological or spiritual, and I’ve been guilty of it myself.

Maybe it’s because I live in the twitter age.
Maybe it’s because I need it simple myself.

I think if we want to make a difference in this dying world, we need to be real. Big words and holy jargon do not get us a front row seat in heaven. They might impress our theology teacher, or our fellow Baptist competitors (no offense intended to my Baptist friends). If the non believers don’t understand us, what good does it do us to spout it?

When I wrote my book, Not on My Watch, I purposely had three different kinds of editors tear it apart. A Mormon, an Agnostic, and an Evangelical. What an editing petri-dish! Their job? De jargonize de-christian-eese my book. They were not to mess with the meat or intent, but I wanted the jargon out. I wanted the average American to pick it up, read it, and understand it.

Is there a time for blunt truth? Yes.

Is there a place for the big words?  Yes.

Sometimes there is jargon you can’t get away from. I will shout it from the rooftops, “I am SAVED!”  But have you ever wondered what that sounds like to someone who doesn’t know Jesus?  Saved from what? Saved from Barack Obama’s pen and phone? Saved from another Facebook game request?  If you use it… explain it.

Born and raise a Charismatic evangelical shouting glory hallelujah girl, I get it. I am the queen of jargon. I could talk some of you under the table with it. Born again, sanctified, blood bought, woman who is headed for my salvation home… (some of you are shout’n aren’t ya?) The majority of time, unbelievers don’t care about your spiritual talk. It bores them…sometimes annoys them. They don’t understand it. They just want to know who Jesus is. They want to meet him. They meet Him by seeing Him in YOU. You can say all the “thee’s, thous and thou shalt nots” but if they don’t see what Jesus has done in your life… f they don’t see His love pouring through you, all you are is an irritating gong sounding in their life.

In conclusion, think about this…. As you are speaking throughout the day, who is your target audience? Are you talking to unbelievers? Keep it simple. Look through their eyes, then break it down and translate. (in counselor terms. tease it out for them)  Are you talking to fellow Christian brothers and sisters? Then my sister… lets meet for coffee and we’ll slanguage together!

Keep it simple.  Show em Jesus.


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One thought on “Just give me Jesus

  1. Hi Monica, I understand what you are saying. Good advice. It’s your actions and not your words that make others ask themselves what makes you so joyful!