Mayor Brainard: “Keep your faith inside your church.”

Mayor, let's have a lesson on the 1st Amendment, shall we?



I feel it is important that we recognize there is a distinct difference between how we worship our God in our churches, our homes and our hearts versus how we live, play and conduct business in the melting pot of mixed faiths and passions that we call America.

Source: Carmel proposes gay rights law in RFRA’s wake


In our churches?  In our hearts? I think it is time for the Mayor Jim Brainard of Carmel Indiana to have a lesson on the First Amendment and what it really means to Hoosiers.

There is a great big difference between “Freedom of Worship” (the term Mayor Brainard is speaking of), and “Religious Freedom” intended by our founding fathers.

Let me give a him a quick lesson.  The Obama Administration has already done this.  Early in his presidency, when Mr. Obama was on one of his apology tours in Cairo, he began to replace the term “freedom of religion” with “freedom of worship.”  I’ve even heard the term “freedom of worship” tossed around by my own peers!  This is dangerous! Very dangerous! Let me tell you why.

Redefining the terminology allows the government to redefine what it protects.

Religion centers on a core belief system. Worship is just ONE factor of that. Many countries, such as Romania and Saudi Arabia, have the “freedom of worship,” but their people have no freedom of conscience, no freedom to spread the Gospel or practice religion in the public square. This is one of the main commandments of the Christian faith. Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations in Matthew 28. The church is NOT a building. The church is the PEOPLE living in the public square.

So when Mayor Brainard says we need to recognize there is a distinct difference between how we worship our God in our churches, our homes and our hearts versus how we live, play and conduct business in the melting pot…he is stripping you of the freedom to live your faith in the public square. That is not religious freedom and directly flies in the face of the First Amendment of our Constitution.

It’s about time we start paying attention to the fine print!

Let me translate his quote above: If you are a person of faith, go to church on Sunday and shut the door. Do what you need to do. When you leave the church, you will serve the god of the State. In other words, play church on Sunday, shut up on Monday and Tuesday.

Mayor Brainard may make himself feel better with his “moral preening” and feel good ordinance, but quite frankly, he needs to be more concerned about protecting our Constitutional rights. Starting with the 1st Amendment.

There are COUNTLESS dangers with local and state sexual orientation, gender identity ordinances (SOGI laws)  not only to religious freedom, but to health and safety for our women and children. You can read real documented cases here.

Let’s talk about the Ordinance in Carmel.

In the email from the Indiana Family Institute, they stated:

On Monday, the Mayor’s office posted this press release which contains the actual language and the reasoning behind a proposed Carmel ordinance (to be voted on by the City Council Monday, August 17) that would make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” specially protected legal classes within the City of Carmel.

In other words, it would allow activists to drag Carmel business owners into court if their consciences will not allow them to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies.  Activists bent on shutting down small businesses whose owners disagree with their definition of marriage will literally be empowered to call the police and report a violation of the law that could result in businesses being fined $500 per day!

Please call and email Mayor Brainard and the Carmel City Council and respectfully urge them to defeat the Carmel Anti-1st Amendment ordinance.

Contact information for Mayor Brainard is here.

Contact information for the Carmel City Council is here.

So far only Carmel City Council member Eric Seidensticker has voiced opposition to the Carmel Anti-1st Amendment ordinance.  Please contact him and thank him for his brave stand.

Read Alliance Defending Freedom’s legal briefings on the dangers of SOGI. 

11825687_10152996722157116_5750136858518162786_nThe city of Carmel is so confident they can pass this ordinance, we’ve heard they are going to try to fast track it without committee discussion. They even have the party planned! This means, they already have the votes they need, so they don’t need your input.

They are so confident in themselves they’ve become demeaning and arrogant towards their constituents. Yesterday a woman messaged me and sent me a screenshot of the response she got from Councilwoman Sue Finkam. This councilwoman said,

Betsy, As a courtesy, let me know if you need help finding a moving company. Happy to help. Sue

I saw a copy of the letter to the councilwoman.  It was straight forward and bold. She didn’t beat around the bush in her email to the councilwoman but it didn’t even come close to deserving the response it got.

There’s a reason she is so demeaning to her constituents. They are confident this will fly though even in the face of the First Amendment… and if you don’t like it, you can MOVE.

Here are 18 real life examples of instances where SOGI laws have destroyed lives. 

Former Congressman, and gay activist Barney Frank even knew what this meant when he originally opposed these radical moves! Take a look at this quote from open homosexual and former Congressman Frank, who warns that “gender identity” laws will give men the right to use women’s showers in public facilities. Even HE opposed this radical move. Rep. Frank said:

There are workplace situations — communal showers, for example — when the demands of the transgender community fly in the face of conventional norms and therefore would not pass in any Congress. I’ve talked with transgender activists and what they want — and what we will be forced to defend — is for people with penises who identify as women to be able to shower with other women. There are no votes for that. And if that is the price for this bill, it is wrong.”

The Carmel council may have already made up their minds, but it is still important that they hear from you.

You stop these crazy ordinances by showing up!  Let the council members (and the public) know what they are really voting for. It’s NOT the fluffy law they might think it is. It is dangerous.

Goshen residents stood up in the face of a mayor who was determined to pass it and said. NO YOU DON’T! He received so much pressure, he had no choice but to take it off the table! It can be done!


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