Morning coffee with my President.

An open letter from a Hoosier mom.

Dear President Trump,

I’m just a mom. I don’t have an awesome college degree. I’m not a political strategist who sees five dimensional election projects. I can’t add up all the statistics of who’s in and who is out, based on districts.

I’m just a conservative Hoosier mom who wants to wake other moms up to fight for their children. I’m just a mom who loves her country.

However, one thing I know as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow morning. One thing I’m as certain of as the “morning peace” about to be interrupted by two teenagers fighting over the one bathroom in a few minutes…

Can I share this with you?

Can I pour you a cup of coffee before you start your day?

Just for a minute. 🍮

The GOP establishment did not put you in office. (They really are crooks.)
The Democrats did not put you in office. (I’m not sure what planet they even live on these days.)

I do know who put you in office…………..We did.

Those who love liberty.

Those who fight for freedom.

Evangelicals (don’t even ask me about that one!)

We did sir. We also put the Freedom Caucus in office… and sure as shoot’n they are not going anywhere.

Mr. President, if you were at my quiet breakfast table this morning before the kids got up, I’d pour you another cup of coffee and tell you this. (Although I think you drink hot chocolate don’t you?)

  1. I’m praying for you. You have a massive job. Massive.
  2. I’d ask you to remember this very breakfast table we are sitting at. The families who are depending on you to hear them as they struggle each day. Politicians have stolen so much from them.
  3. Is ask you to hear my faith. My conscience. I’d ask you to remember grandmothers like Barronelle who are about lose everything because of her faith. I’d ask you to keep your promise to protect our religious freedom. Please. 🙏🏻
  4. I’d get out our family album and show you pictures of our unborn children and ask you to remember your promise to protect life.
  5. And finally, as I send you back to your motorcade, lunchbox in hand, I’d remind you once again, that it was not the political machine in the GOP who put you in office. They are no longer relevant to Americans. (I’m not even joking.) It’s us. Moms and dads.

As you go to work today sir, don’t blame the very ones who gave you the job. Listen to them. As you do, I assure you, we will follow!

President Trump, and Vice President Pence, today we put our family on a plane. We have so much excitement in our hearts to come and see you all. The monuments… The history… The reminder of the freedoms given to us by the blood of our forefathers. Today as we stand at the Lincoln Memorial, a place I stood just a few years ago, with tears in my eyes…. as I touch the very place Martin Luther King stood…. I am reminded that we were given four years of mercy.

I’m reminded that I, a simple mom have a duty to speak, to protect, and to pray.

Mr President,  remember us.

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