My statement on the Same Sex marriage ruling

Today, I am deeply grieved that the United States Supreme court has proven once again that they are able to use their bully bench to create sweeping laws for our nation in the face of our Constitution.  Our founders carved out the nation on the foundation of religious freedom. Today, these men roll over in their graves. 
The decision today is historic. It will put people of faith in direct violation of the law of the land. Those who follow deeply held religious convictions, will have to now make a choice.  Will you follow God’s law, or will you follow man’s law. A line has been drawn in the sand. You must now make a choice.
Americans are free to live as they choose (that is the beauty of liberty), But no one has the right to demand that government require us to celebrate a certain lifestyle.
It’s devastating that five un elected activist judges who sit on the highest bench in the land, did not return this issue to the states for the people to decide the future of marriage. The Indiana Religious Freedom Alliance will be a voice for those who cherish religious freedom, and will continue to push against the status quo in fighting for that freedom.

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