No Man Can Serve Two Masters

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I thank the Lord in heaven for courageous and vocal pastors like Rev. Peter Scaer. There are so many church leaders today who are simply going through the motions, playing church, constantly worried about the latest technology and the best way to “market” the church. While these are not necessarily bad things, the enemy is using them in his attempt to destroy the church.  (yes satan that is not a misprint… you read that right…. attempt

Many pastors and teachers are shirking their duty to protect the sheep from the wolves. There are very few who will fight for their congregations and very few who willing to stand in the fire when it gets hot. If you have one, PLEASE hold his arms up and pray for him. I can tell you… he is tired.Your courageous pastor will need you more than ever before in the upcoming days. Your responsibility as a church attender (aka pew sitter) is HUGE. We have abandoned our duties to the body of Christ by our demands and ear tickling requests.  Rev Peter Scaer is a man willing to protect his sheep. This was his post on Facebook this morning. I had to share it with you. Let it sink in.

Rev. Peter Scaer

Rev. Peter Scaer

Many Hoosiers, at least those politically inclined, are gearing up for the primary next Tuesday. Truth is, what follows is more significant. The battle for religious liberty will begin again, as the LGBT forces are prepared to pounce upon our state.

Don’t think this is hyperbole, or that it does not matter.

At stake is the liberty of our children and grandchildren with Christians in the crosshairs. Since the RFRA debacle, Indiana has been living in a state of denial, hoping against hope that it will all go away. We know we are a good and caring people, but so also are we fearful. This should prove to be the biggest test our church has ever faced.

Up until now, talk about persecution has been theoretical, something suffered by Christians in other lands and other times. We have become comfortable in our suburbia, happy in our lifestyle. And yet, now gay marriage is not only the law of the land, but we find that toleration is no longer an option. We must celebrate that which God calls sin, or else face an ostracism that rightfully belongs to racists. For our beliefs, we will be labeled haters…will be labeled bigots…will lose our jobs…will be driven out of polite society.

What shall we do? Many are tempted to say this is no big deal. Our greatest opponent, the Father of All Lies, thinks differently. Hater of the human race, he has spread abortion throughout our land, taking the lives of the smallest and most innocent among us. He is beginning his attack at the end of life as well. And now, he is ready to run his victory lap in the destruction of the one institution meant for the safety and raising of children. With the passage of SOGI laws, making LGBT a protected class, we will weaponize the movement against caring Christians of conscience.  People who are loving, and who ask only to live their lives according to their faith in the one who is the God of love.

Have you ever wondered, if you had lived in the time of Christ, whether you would have walked with him to the cross, or have shrunk away into the shadows?  There is no need to speculate, for when we, as Christians, refuse to stand with faithful Christians, we refuse to stand with Christ.

With All Saints Day near, we should renew our vows, and be inspired by true saints. The media messaging is powerful, but the words of St. Paul are eternal. We have lived in the penthouse for so long that we hardly remember why the foundation matters. Many, of course are confused, others scared, and still more are apathetic.

Does all this really matter? Yes, at the most fundamental level of our humanity, at the level of creation, at the level of who we are as God’s creatures created in his image. But, if you don’t believe me, believe in Christ. For in the end, we are judged by our faithfulness, our loyalty to Him. No man can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or love the one and hate the other. It does us no good in saying that this is a small thing, if in fact we are denying Christ. So fear not what man can do to you, but fear the one who can place both body and soul in hell. Now is the time for fidelity, to rely on God and his word, and to turn a deaf ear to the siren song of secularism. We have come to the point where we can claim safety or salvation, but we cannot have both. – Rev. Peter J. Scaer

It is time people of faith.  It is time to rise up and take back the territory we willingly handed to the enemy while we were playing church. It is time to become the people of COURAGE that God called us to be.  It is time to stop playing the “poor me, I guess all I can do is wait for Jesus to come back” card and choosing the VICTORY card. It is time to rise up and be the courageous church we were called to be. There is no question…persecution is here. Persecution is no longer a thing that happens across the ocean.  It is here.

The question is, do you have the courage and the passion to stop it before there is a job to be lost, a house in foreclosure, or even a gun to your head. The fight is easy now… the fight you are ignoring will cost you your life.

It’s time to stand up. Join us on November 17th at the Indiana Statehouse at 2 pm to put our lawmakers on notice.

Silence is consent.

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