Ogden on Politics: Defeat of Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is a Lesson for Hoosiers as State Considers Similar Legislation

If an expansion of civil rights fails in liberal Houston, it seems less than clear that it would prevail in conservative Indiana.  But unlike Houston, the issue in Indiana will probably be decided by elected officials rather than considered directly by the voters at the polls.  Ironically Republican Governor Mike Pence, the scourge of the LGBT community because of his support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which was perceived (wrongly) as allowing sexual orientation discrimination, might actually be that community’s best hope for the expansion.  Reportedly Governor Pence is eyeing a compromise on the issue, undoubtedly as a political strategy to take the issue of the plate for the election so the Governor can focus solely on economic issues  But the strategy may well backfire by alienating Pence’s socially conservative political base and causing many Republican legislators to face primary challenges.HERO enjoyed nearly unanimous support of the Houston big business community, yet failed big time.  While the political opinions of corporate CEOs might have influence with elected officials, it does not appear that they have any influence whatsoever with voters.  In fact, corporate leaders involvement in contentious social issues often backfires as voters see their efforts as extortion and bullying.  The voters’ contempt is understandable because at the same time the CEOs are issuing threats if certain positions aren’t taken on social issues, they are demanding that taxpayers heavily subsidize their corporate expansion and relocation decisions.

Source: Ogden on Politics: Defeat of Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is a Lesson for Hoosiers as State Considers Similar Legislation

8TEjrgrjcPaul Ogden is right. Our lawmakers should be seeing the word “Houston” every time they close their eyes! Those numbers should be haunting them in their sleep!  If they don’t, then I’ll let you in on a little secret… your lawmaker really is not in tune with his/her base.

Surely they must see the writing on the wall! 

We live in a very conservative state. I believe if the issue of “sexual orientation and gender identity” was given to the people, the return numbers would be well over 73%  who oppose special protections based on bedroom habits, the attack on religious freedom, and the health and safety of our children.

The thing these guppies at the statehouse need to realize is… THIS is the issue their base will die on. (The base= the people who knocked on doors, made phone calls, and donated hard earned money)

This is that HILL.

There are some issues we feel so strongly about that we’ll hold signs, show up to events, and fight tooth and nail for them. However, when it comes down to the end of the game, when I am standing by myself in the voting booth, I’ll probably vote for the lesser of two evils.

Religious Freedom is not that vote. A vote against individual liberty and religious freedom is not a forgivable vote. Sorry, it’s just not.

12195793_464062047115411_6116101722117539514_nReligious freedom is the foundation and the cornerstone of our liberty. Religious Freedom is the bar to which I set my vote. The Constitution is crystal clear, and the Indiana Constitution is even more detailed and beautifully crafted. Every single Hoosier, from our youngest to our very tip top oldest, already has an INDIVIDUAL right of conscience. Our founders died to give us individual liberty. The “compromise” being tossed around by the Governor and GOP leadership is called “corporate liberty” which is a far cry from individual liberty. I do not have to be a pastor of a church or a religious organization to be able to use my religious freedom or my right of conscience. As the Family Research Council stated:

Freedom of Religion, as protected by the 1st Amendment, is reserved not only for pastors and churches, but for individuals- whether they are inside or outside the four walls of a church.

I am a card carrying Republican. It’s always been important to me. I love things in life that fit in nice little boxes. A wall of neatly stacked rubbermaid tubs on a row of shelves makes me want to shout Hallelujah!  I love the Republican box! Ever since I was a little girl I was taught to pull a Republican ticket because they had my values. They stood for what was good. This has been my identity. However, I can promise you this… If they vote for this law in ANY way, shape, or form,  I will do two things.

  1. I will work for the next three months to find primary candidates for all the traitors.
  2. I will not vote for them in an election EVER again. I don’t care how many threats of “Monica, we will lose the majority” or “Monica, there IS a political reality” or Monica, you don’t want what is on the other side of the GOP”  I get it… yet…. I’m done. I will skip over every name that has betrayed us on this issue.

For the first time in my life IF the Republicans continue down this path, I will officially call on Hoosiers to sit this one out. (yes I know what that means) The GOP has already begun to call me out for “ruining” their brand.  Sorry, we don’t own this one. The GOP has walked away from their base. We’ve not moved an inch. They will own this one. 

Listen to Pastor Ron Johnson, the Executive Director of the Indiana Pastors Alliance speak on this issue in his heartfelt plea for liberty. May we all stand together with him!

A heartfelt plea for liberty.

Posted by Ron Johnson on Thursday, November 5, 2015

To our champions….

We want you to know this will be a long and lonely battle.  You will be given every excuse in the book on why you need to support this agenda. Fear tactics. You will be told things like:

  • The other side has millions of dollars.
  • The Lucas Oil Stadium will be shut down.
  • We live in a new day of tolerism.
  • You are a bigot.
  • You are a hater.
  • You are intolerant.
  • There are more of them than there are of you.
  • Their money is too much for us to fight!
  • Freedom Indiana has an office downtown Indianapolis!
  • The compromise really isn’t a compromise.
  • Sign up for curtsy lessons to make it look like you love your base.
  • We are going to lose this battle, so let’s protect as many people as we can.
  • You must define who is free in order for the First Amendment to work.
  • If you vote no, you will single handedly bring the state of Indiana to her knees.
  • Step into this new life and throw away your grandparents ideas.
  • You will lose your committee assignment.
  • You will lose your office.
  • We will fund your opponent.
  • You will not be re elected.

Courageous lawmaker, do the right thing.  I would rather be found faithful at the end of the day than hanging with the cool kids for a season. We will hold up your arms when you grow tired. We will have your back when you call out the party leaders. We will pray for you. We will stand in the gap for you. Do the right thing. No compromise.

Dear friends, at the end of the day here is where I stand. If the GOP pursues this path and decides to pass this bad policy, even with a compromise… I will do everything in my power to work against them. I know what that means, however the Israelites had to build bricks without straw for a while… It may be time for Hoosiers to build bricks without Republicans.

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