One wish I have for the American Church

If they saw the faith of Barronelle...

If I could have one wish, it might surprise you what it is. It’s not a Presidential election that turns out the way I want. It’s not unbridled liberty. It’s not wealth or fame. It’s one thing. I would wish for the opportunity to introduce you to a precious woman named Barronelle Stutzman. I could have anything… […]

The night America met Mike Pence

Wednesday evening, October 4th, the nation was introduced to Mike Pence. As Hoosiers turned on their television, they breathed a prayer for our Governor who was about to debate Senator Tim Kaine. I didn’t realize it then, but America had not yet met the man who has governed Indiana…. The man my daughter knows as “Mike.” […]

The created-faux presence of a progressive Jesus. 

Scrolling down the halls of Facebook this morning, I ran into what I thought was a humorous satire link.  “Harness the color of your stage lighting” it said!  Discover the role that color can play in evoking an emotional response to enhance your worship. Each color plays a specific role. Learn what they each mean […]

ISIS terror attack during mass. Priest beheaded.

5 things you can do to protect your family for the times ahead.

Two attackers reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar before slitting the throat of an 86-year-old priest and critically injuring at least one other person during a Tuesday morning terror attack on a church near the Normandy city of Rouen, officials said.  Read the rest:Fox News   First, let me start this blog by saying that we are NOT […]

No Java bars, Spotlights, or Skinny jeans in the Lion’s Den.

The American Church and the Lion's Den.

Political chaos has whirled around the nation from the east coast to the west coast and back again. The ugly and bitter primary resulted in a man whose moral compass points in a direction that makes people of faith shiver with fear of the direction he will take this nation. A nation divided. The results […]

Ladies… so you’re ready to buy your first firearm.

Razzberry Guns Don't Need Fancy Frosting

Every day more and more women have decided they are ready to purchase their first firearm. Like many of us, they’ve seen the world spiral out of control. These mamas look at their little chicks and realize they’d do just about anything to keep them safe. This blog post is dedicated to the woman ready […]

To the Indiana LGBT Community…

Liberty is our common bond.

This weekend the nation watched as our country was attacked by a man filled with hate. A radicalized Islamic terrorist killed 49 precious men and women in the LGBT community simply because he was filled with a bitter, unquenchable hatred and was devoted to his radicalized religion. As I write this, there are many more […]


When ideology is confronted by Jesus

  Yesterday my husband and I took our four children along with my son’s friend to Chicago. It’s been a lifetime dream to be able to do mission work with my family; however, having a family of six, makes it quite difficult, and nearly financially impossible. Oh yes, I know we should always do ministry […]

“Mommy! There is a MAN in my bathroom!”

Last year this title would have scared the average American to death! Today, it’s an ugly reality. The sexual revolution has now forced us to have to deal with the absurd. Private businesses such as Target are trading in business for social justice and political fads. They now allow men who “feel” like women that […]

I was thinking about something last night after I received a message for a mom wondering where we go when we’ve completely lost our freedom.

So many years ago, those who were oppressed by a tyrannical King, got on a ship and sailed to America for FREEDOM. They left it all.

For freedom.

So where do we go? America IS that last hope of freedom and our silence is giving it away. There is no America to run to. There is no where else to go folks. No other boats. This is it.

We defend it or we lose it.

Don’t trade momentary comfort for a lifetime in prison.