The vision of the Naked Sheep.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a woman (who happens to be my mother, and the smartest woman I have ever known) concerning some heavy things that have been on my heart recently about the state of the church in America. My heart was overwhelmed with defeat and a sense of urgency that […]

Until They Cry “Uncle”…

Growing up, it was not unusual to find yourself in a harmless scuffle with a friend or sibling. Why the wrestling match started could be attributed to any one of a number of playground offenses or slights. Back “in the day” when such things were generally innocuous and the normal rite of passage for kids, […]

Religious Freedom WINS in Indiana

SB344 dies in the Indiana Senate

Choosing to stand for Religious Freedom is a long exhausting marathon that’s only won by a team of dedicated people who believe that giving up is not an option. Indiana is FULL of such Hoosiers. We’ve taken some hits the past few years, (some of us have the ugly scars to prove it) so winning […]

Call to Action: Controversial Special Rights Bills Up Before Indiana Senate This week

Our Laws Should Respect the Freedoms of Every Citizen

Last year after the Indiana General Assembly fell hook, line, and sinker for the economic terrorism threats and media bully tactics, they passed the unconstitutional RFRA “fix.” Hoosiers watched as Speaker Bosma and Senator Long stood arm in arm with homosexual activists and big corporations on the house floor during a press conference. That day, […]

Breaking: The attack on Religious Freedom sent to committee!!

Call your Senator now! Tell them to VOTE NO!

SB100 and newly created SB344 that will  attack  #Religiousfreedom and Individual Liberty have been sent to the Rules and Legislative Procedure committee chaired by Republican Senator David Long. Your Senator needs to hear from you NOW! The phone number you need to call is 800-382-9467. To find your lawmaker CLICK HERE Your message: Vote NO […]

You May Be Fined in NYC for Calling Someone the “Wrong” Pronoun | Answers in Genesis

Prepare Hoosiers, it's coming here....unless you act NOW.

Well, when we first heard of this report, we wondered whether it was a hoax or a misunderstanding of a situation. But we verified that the New York City Commission on Human Rights has recently released new guidelines to clarify their definition of gender and gender discrimination, which we declare are based on man’s fallible […]

Indiana Lawmakers prepare to weaponize the PC movement

By Dr. Peter Scaer

A Not So Great Commission: Civil Wrongs As our Indiana legislators prepare to reconvene, they are on verge of the truly awful. SB100 is a supposed compromise, granting special rights to the LGBT community, while offering certain exemptions to tiny businesses and church organizations. It’s Indiana’s own amendment to the first amendment, stripping away what […]

God’s Throne, God’s Joy, and our Responsibility

It's not either or... it's both AND.

I heard an incredible and timely sermon yesterday about JOY.  It was one of those sermons I was still chewing on at ten o’clock that night. The pastor spoke on the ability to know and be confident that God is on the throne.  He’s not left it for a millisecond, He’s not wondering what to […]

This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen in Indiana . . . Not Here, Not Now

If you listen to the media and their liberal friends, Indiana has been terribly harmed from the RFRA battle and the only thing that can repair our image now, is to pass special rights for homosexuals and transgenders. They make it sound as if every minute that we wait to pass this measure further harms […]

Why is the church silent?

a retired Army chaplain and Civilian pastor speaks out.

This week I was having a strategy session in my mind on the way to work on a constant struggle I have with the church. Please note, I am not talking about a particular church. I’m talking generalities from the lenses of one who sits in the pews Sunday after Sunday. I  am consistently frustrated […]