Past the point of no return?

point_of_no_return1One does not have to look very far these days to get the sense that something is not right in Kansas.  For some of us, the reality is right there staring us in the face. The answer very clear.   For others, it is just a strange restlessness and a lot of questions.   Every time we turn on the television it slaps us in the face. For evangelical Christians, it is like opening up the book of Revelation and reading down the checklist until Christs return. As an evangelical myself, who has been on the governmental front line for about seven years,  it keeps me awake many nights,  knowing what is just around the corner.  There are days the burden is so heavy it takes my breath away. There are, days  I wish I could stick my head back in the sand and pretend like I don’t know a thing.  Days that I beg God to send me to Africa.

I grieve for my country.  I grieve that we have forgotten where we came from.  I grieve that our forefathers spilled their blood for our freedom  we are throwing away.  I grieve for what we have allowed to happen on our watch because we were too busy to care. I grieve over the power we have given to our politicians, and the mockery they have made out of our precious sacred documents.  This is what I have given my life for.

I realized something on November 7th last year.  After I had wiped away the last of the tears I shed for my country,  I began to look for answers.   What happened?  We had worked so hard. We had done everything that was asked of us.  Then I saw the numbers and I realized something that made my blood run cold.  Six million Christians voted for Barack H Obama. S.I.X million. I then realized we had gone past the point of no return. Unless Jesus Christ himself intervenes, we are plummeting down, and there is no stopping us.  We do not have a political problem, we have a spiritual problem. We have turned our face away from God and now we were about to face judgement.  Where were the Christians?   I began to research, and found some stunning facts.  Our churches have a deadly disease.  It’s a disease called  relativism.  We have thrown away the gospel and replaced it with an ear tickling, soft, soothing gospel that is sending people straight to hell. Our churches are packed with people who say, “Don’t hurt my feelings, Make me feel good and tell me I am A.OK, Oh, and have me out of here by 11:30am, I have things to do. Oh and if you do what we demand of you, we will drop ten bucks in your offering plate. We have crippled and muted our shepherds until their knees knock and they cower in fear. We have replaced our families with monetary things, big houses, multiple cars and lots of STUFF.  We have outsourced our parenting. Feeling guilty because we have outsourced, we give our children anything they want creating a new generation of “ME FIRST MILLIES.”  We have taken away personal responsibility and replaced it with relativism. We have removed the Gospel and replaced it with Dr. Phil and Oprah.  Is it any wonder this generation voted in a President who will also tickle their ears and give them whatever they want?  With the churches taking on this rabid sickness, how can a godless people vote in a moral government   We have reached a tipping point that I think has already tipped too far to the left to recover. We have created a society where there is no right or wrong.  We have kicked God out of our public venues. We have kicked him out of our homes, replacing him with filth on TV.  It no longer shocks us to see fornication flooding through the cables to the big box that pumps these images through our eyes. Nothing makes us blush anymore.  We have now told him He is not welcome in our Churches unless he tells us what we want to hear. We told him to leave the fire insurance at the door, that we would take if from there.

We know something is not right in Kansas, but are we really ready to take the veil off to discover what is under there. I have a feeling that if we did, we would fall on our faces with shame. We’ve told God, it’s too hard, leave me alone and let me go back to sleep.

Is it too late?  I don’t know. I believe there is soon coming a time, and it might have already passed that point where God will withdraw His presence and deliver us to a depraved mind. But until we reach that point I am going to stand as a watchman on the wall and scream.  “THE BRIDGE IS OUT AHEAD!  WAKE UP!  I’ll do what it takes.

Oh God give us the courage to stand and fight for this generation.  Give us the courage to repent and cry out to you for forgiveness.  God give us the courage to raise our children with the fear and admonition of you.  Give us the strength and the wisdom to know how to live in these days. Prepare our families. Mend our families. Forgive your church God from mocking your gospel.  Forgive your children for turning from you.  Heal our land Father.

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