Pence administration testifies in favor of “Testing Freedom”

th (7)Monday, February 9th, Sue Lile from the Central Indiana Tea Party Coalition and I went to Indianapolis for several meetings. One of our many missions that day included a meeting with Governor Mike Pence’s chief of staff about the “freedom to test.” We voiced our support of of SB470, and the importance of being able to have the freedom to choose our own nationally approved testing tool.

In my opinion, this will be the final nail in the coffin to Common Core in Indiana. Without the freedom in testing, we will still have a link to federal standards and be tied to Common Core because whether we like it or not, we will always teach to the test. With the freedom to choose our test, we can break free from the  bondage of Common Core.

Assessments drive academics in schools.

This bill is one of the most crucial education bills this session, because it opens the door to liberating Indiana schools from the Common Core-aligned ties that bind it. Allowing private schools that accept vouchers to choose from a variety of nationally norm-referenced assessments, rather than forcing them to administer a single state-selected test, would go a long way to restoring local control. More importantly, it would pave the way for liberating public and charter schools as well.~Heather Crossin, Hoosiers Against Common Core

I can’t go into all the details of the day because there are too many to name, but as a result of this meeting, right now as I type this, the Governor’s office is in the education committee testifying on behalf of SB470, the freedom in testing bill. Chad Timmerman reiterated the governors support and continued belief that our education system is a state and local function and he believes in local control, while still promoting accountability. 

When you wonder if your voice makes a difference, and if the “process” is worth it. Please look at what happened today from the very top office of the state, and be encouraged. It is a process…. and the process works. I am so grateful today.

Please call Governor Pence and thank him for standing up for our children and hearing our voice. You can reach him at 317-232-4567. 

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