Religious Food Bank… Governor Pence, and the Liberal Government Teat

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Midwest Food Bank does not accept federal funds.

Liberals HATE charity

Liberals HATE religion

Liberals HATE personal responsibility

Liberals HATE homegrown goodness

Liberals HATE common sense and self-sufficiency

Liberals loathe anything in their path that does not include dependency on the feds and  the sucking of the government teat. They hate the idea that Americans are good. They loathe the idea that we can take care of our own. They hate independent thinking and personal empowerment.

Liberals like the author of this weekends hack piece on the Indianapolis Business Journal by Kathleen McLaughlin  Pence’s favored Food bank plays up faith,  thrive on dismantling conservative homegrown values of caring for the poor, educating our children, faith, and state self sufficiency.

Self sufficiency? Thats crazy talk!

Self sufficiency AND God? That is blasphemous!

They’ve become so dependent on the federal government for funds and philosophy, they don’t know how to operate any other way. The idea that Hoosiers can take care of their own is like speaking a foreign language to them. The result? Let me give you just a couple of lines from this article.

One of Gov. Mike Pence’s favorite charities is Midwest Food Bank, a faith-based alternative to Gleaners, the region’s dominant player in hunger relief.

It’s not surprising that Pence, an evangelical Christian, would support a faith-based food bank, but there’s more setting Midwest apart than a Bible verse (Matthew 25:35) emblazoned on the wall.

Prayer is integral to Midwest, which steers clear of a federal program supplying meat and produce to most food banks. That approach offers a window into Pence’s decision last month to forgo up to $80 million in federal funds to expand access to preschool for low-income families—a move many observers found puzzling.

If the hunger-relief world is any indication, specific instances of federal intrusion don’t matter so much as the perception that government funding hamstrings religious expression. And many preschools are run by churches.

Pence’s decision disappointed and surprised champions of Indiana’s foray into preschool funding, a $10 million pilot program that passed the Legislature at Pence’s urging. The governor, who initially rejected Obamacare money to expand Medicaid in Indiana, consistently resists federal intrusion, but that’s not enough of an explanation for Indiana Chamber of Commerce education lobbyist Derek Redelman. (Read the rest)


Cue cartoon “confused head spin” music….  Whaaat?? Governor Pence supports a faith-based food bank who is thriving without government funds, and that somehow  translates into, “Governor Pence hates poor people and wants to keep Hoosier children stupid?!?” Well the good news is Hoosiers see right through this hack piece, and they spoke loud and clearly last Tuesday.

midwestIt’s understandable….there is much anger abounding especially within the Indiana Business Journal. (Remember, they were the ones who were calling for Mike Delph’s political head because of his conservative stand on marriage.)

But really, this was over the top!

However, after reading this, I was inspired. Hoosiers are self-sufficient salt of the earth people.  We believe in taking care of our own. We believe that government works best who governs least.

I took my outrage at this piece and was inspired to give financially to Midwest Food Bank.  We are to expect the attacks from the liberals…. However, not at the cost of a good charitable organization. I hope when you read that article,  something rises up in you as it did me, and you open your pocketbook, or organize a food drive for this incredible organization. As we saw Tuesday at the ballot box, uncalled for hack journalism can backfire on the writer.

Giving is easy.  Simply go to and give online.  or contact them  to find out how to do a food drive. 

My donation to the Midwest Food Bank is in honor of the Indiana Business Journal.

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5 thoughts on “Religious Food Bank… Governor Pence, and the Liberal Government Teat

  1. The more states who say “No Thank You” to the Federal Government’s “free money” that is actually our money with their strings attached – we might actually get Congress to stop doing unconstitutional things.

  2. Dear Monica:

    Thank you for taking a positive, meaningful stand against this liberal hate speech. Why is it that these liberal drones who constantly lambasted our entire culture with their “tolerance” over the past couple of decades now are proving to be INTOLERANT ONES? Liberals cannot handle any opposition or anyone who thinks differently than they. Now is the time to speak out and stand up to their hate-filled attacks and counter their agenda with actions such as yours. I will find the snail mail address and gladly give. God bless you!

  3. Kathleen McLaughlin…should’a known…did she not have something to do with awarding that Indiana Torchbearer’s award to a devoted Planned Parenthood director?