Religious Freedom passes the Indiana Senate

wpid-20150209_115346.jpgToday, the Indiana Senate overwhelmingly passed SB 101, the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This bill, also known as the Indiana Hobby Lobby bill or the Indiana RFRA will protect Hoosiers who are left to the whim of activist judges who could arbitrarily limit religious practice and force Hoosiers to compromise their beliefs. This bill acts as a shield for Hoosiers.

When this bill completes its journey, and is placed on the Governor Pence’s desk for his signature, Indiana will join 19 other states that have already passed  a Religious Freedom Protection Act

Today, the bill passed its first hurdle as the Indiana Senate passed it 40: 10, and is now headed to the Indiana House. This is great news for those who believe in freedom, and our timeless, precious document called the Constitution.

phone-volumePlease call your Senator and thank him/her for voting for Religious Freedom. 317-232-9400

True to form, the left has gone wild at the prospect of Hoosiers supporting the religious freedom and the first amendment. “Freedom Indiana” (and I say that with exaggerated air-quotes) is having a full-blown temper tantrum that our lawmakers would be so bold to believe the following words from the Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This lobbying group  opposes the Religious Freedom bill while still carrying the tagline, “Freedom for all Hoosiers.”


It’s hypocritical and ironic to me that they state they want “freedom for all,” yet what they really mean is “freedom for some.” Those who hold faith, need not apply.  They give a great big thumbs up to the government bureaucrats forcing people of faith into silence. They think its ok for those who have deeply held religious convictions to be punished for that faith.

Like common core math,  it just doesn’t add up.

Thankfully our lawmakers saw past the talking points and rhetoric of the left, and passed this bill.  Hoosiers should not be required to provide a service, produce a product, rent out property, or be forced to do business with someone if the service goes against their conscience. Religious or not. Contrary to the hype the media is spewing, this is not a theocratic bill.  It is a FREEDOM bill. Freedom for everyone, not just some.

My friend Jesse Bohannon stated it best when he said this:

“While for many of us, God’s word is the unchanging, immovable source of our truth, and we fight for the freedom to live our lives in alignment with that truth. But we also understand that in order for us to enjoy that freedom, we must also fight to protect the rights even atheists have to live their lives, spend their money, and invest their time energy and creativity in ways which align with their own beliefs. We must all be free to follow the dictates of our own conscience. I believe, this is the most fundamental tenant of our American creed: the foundation of our liberty.”

SB101 now heads over to the House.

phone-volumePlease call your Representative and ask him/her to vote FOR religious freedom when SB101 comes across their desk. The House switchboard is 317-232-9600. 


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