Religious Freedom WINS in Indiana

SB344 dies in the Indiana Senate

Choosing to stand for Religious Freedom is a long exhausting marathon that’s only won by a team of dedicated people who believe that giving up is not an option.

We won't change our Convictions

Indiana is FULL of such Hoosiers. We’ve taken some hits the past few years, (some of us have the ugly scars to prove it) so winning this battle yesterday was especially sweet.

I happened to be at lunch when I got the first text.

SB344 is dead!

What?!  We were planning our next strategy move! Surely it must be a joke!

It was no joke.  All the hard work, tears, and sleepless nights paid off! People of faith won this battle. Cheers sounded throughout the state from grassroots patriots who had sacrificed so much. Because of the team’s hard work, the men pushing this bill, (republican leaders) Senator David Long, Travis Holdman, and Brandt Hershman pulled the bill from second reading because they didn’t have enough votes to pass it. There was no “agreement” to be found. Freedom Indiana was overly confident, and overplayed their hand.  (btw… there is NEVER compromise in truth…. this session or any other session after it)

While this is a victory, I think it is important to note several things.

They are not going away. Both the lawmakers and liberal lobbyists promised it would be back next year. It’s time Conservatives start believing what they say.  As the Indy Star quoted, Today Senator Long promised this issue would return,” tea party activist Monica Boyer said on Facebook, “but guess what sir… So will we!”   

We have a moment to celebrate, but this battle is FAR from over.

The second thing I want to note, is the army. While I won’t divulge the strategy, one thing that was very visible in this battle is the alarm that spread through the churches and pulpits. They woke up! I’ve never seen anything like it.

My friend sent me a beautiful picture of how it felt to see the troops running to the battle to help. While the battle looked massive, like those two semi trucks driving down the highway…. the church showed up. They made phone calls, came to rallies, got on their knees in prayer. I saw folks from my own church who had never talked to a lawmaker in their life come alive. I heard stories from all over the state of the same. Like the lambs in this video, they stopped the opposition from taking more ground.

Imagine what we could do if we used our full force as people of faith!

The last and most critical thing I want to note, is glimpse to the future battle that looms as promised by Senators Long, Holdman and Hershman.

Watch this video and then continue to read.

The following was released by  Dr. Kevin Baird, field director for the Indiana Pastors’ Alliance:

You can see the The Indiana GOP Leadership has publicly called Christians who desire to honor God in their businesses “extremists” and the passing of SOGI legislation to be “inevitable”.

Connect the dots my friends…

  • They are saying that your desire to live out your faith in peace and liberty is radical…
  • They are saying YOU are the problem…
  • They are saying your unwillingness to compromise your faith is analogous to other uses of the word “extremist”…
  • They are saying it is extreme to be concerned over men in women’s bathrooms…
  • It is extreme to want to freely exercise your religious beliefs…
  • It is extreme to want to honor God in your business…

Get this now….YOU as a Christian, are the extremist.

And so they want us to believe that this anti-Christian bigotry legislation is “inevitable”…

Well then…some things are inevitable for us as well…

  • It is inevitable that you will see us back in Indianapolis with even more concerned Hoosier citizens…
  • It is inevitable that some of you will eventually have primary opponents.
  • It is inevitable that you will have to fine us and probably incarcerate us.
  • It is inevitable that Indiana will be the crossroads for this collision of worldviews.
  • It is inevitable that your email boxes and voicemails will be full to overflowing.
  • It is inevitable that we will stand in our pulpits and let our members know what exactly you are doing.
  • It is inevitable that you will lose any support you may have had in our community.

Yes…there will be some inevitabilities that you may not have thought about…We are gearing up now to see all you legislators again in 2017.

And remember…you chose the words and you are setting the agenda.

Senator Long promised this issue would return, but guess what sir… So will we!”   

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