Rev. Graham… Please start in Indiana! #SOS

Reverend Graham,

Today I read your post on Facebook. You state that America’s problems will not be fixed by Democrats, or Republicans. You are right. We’ve become a corrupt people who have elected men and women who have taken this country down a path of destruction. The problem is US. America is in deep weeds, and I believe we have a tiny window of opportunity to wake up. If we don’t, I fear for my country.

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I’ve never seen it more clearly than during our long, intense battle to protect religious freedom right here in my own state.

This past year, Indiana became a poster child and living example of what happens when we take for granted, one of our most important freedoms given to us by the Almighty God….Religious Freedom.

This journey revealed a couple of critical things. We have become a people who treat the house of God like a social club. We’ve become a people who when the fire is turned up, tuck tail and run away.  We’ve become a people who when it gets tough, have found the trick to change the gospel to our liking so we don’t feel the pricks and pains the enemy sends our way.

I never thought it would happen here. My husband and I were trying to keep up with the weekly bills and raising our new family. We were on the outskirts of the Bible-belt for Pete’s sake! Indiana was certainly safe!

Wasn’t it?

I knew we had a glitch when I was called to public policy about 13 years ago. I was at our statehouse with a local State Representative working on some legislation. She told me “incest” failed to pass the House of Representatives by two votes. That day,I knew I was called to protect family values. We were successful in fighting the progressive agenda and passing wonderful life bills for a few years.

Something happened about 5 years ago.  We went from a progressive slope, to an onslaught of liberal tyranny.

At first, the pro family groups had great support among our churches. They would applaud and even pray for us as we made the journey to the Statehouse.

The past two years, something happened. The support dwindled to the point that some churches across the state even changed their doctrine to mold to the politically correct safe place that would allow them to continue to fill the pews. Moral issues were conveniently turned into political issues that preachers suddenly could not touch.

When our team prepped for the religious freedom battle, I fully expected the hate coming from the left. I didn’t expect the flip from inside the “church.” I didn’t expect the doctrine change.

Reverend Graham, I could not agree with you more. We need Revival STAT.  I’m not talking about a feel good, lets all meet together revival.  I am talking about an almost painful turn to the Holy throne of God.

The answer is NOT political.

All one has to do is look at the Indiana Legislature to see a “super-majority” of conservative lawmakers cower in fear over an economic threat to our state. We can vote the right people in office, but that won’t do it.  We need our pews to turn back to Jesus. We need courageous men and women to hold these lawmakers accountable for their actions.

We need to find God again.

You say you are going to all 50 states.  Sir, we need you to start here. Indiana has been made the whipping post and an example of what happens when liberals take over a state. If they can get Indiana, they can grab any state they want.

safe_imageRight here in Winona Lake, the home of Billy Sunday is where your father got his start.  I imagine he might have faint memories of the all night prayer meeting at the Westminster Hotel.

It was 3 o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, July 13, 1949. Between forty and fifty young men were gathered in the Rainbow Room of the Westminster Hotel in Winona Lake, Indiana. They had been there for five hours praying.

Evangelist Armin Gesswein of Southern California, who had been invited to conduct the prayer sessions, exhorted Billy, “If you are going to have prayer as part of your crusade, it has to be frontal not peripheral.” That is exactly how an all-night prayer meeting happened to be called in the midst of a busy week-long Youth For Christ convention.

The men had been alternating prayers with praise, verses of Scripture, and requests for more prayer. Things were beginning to warm up. Hearts were poured out before God. The tide was running high. Gesswein stood to his feet. “You know,” he said, “our brother Billy Graham is coming out to Los Angeles for a crusade this fall. Why don’t we just gather around this man and lay our hands on him and really pray for him? Let’s ask God for a fresh touch to anoint him for this work.”

When it was over and the men were still kneeling, Billy Graham opened his Bible to Joel 3:13 and with deep conviction read aloud the words, “Put in your sickle, for the harvest is ripe: Come, get you down: for the press is full, and the vats overflow.” Prayer went on in the Rainbow Room for another hour before the men retired.

We invite you to come back and help plead to our Almighty God for mercy on our state

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