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NA.0210.Reagan37Ronald Reagan conservatives, or what I like to call RRCs, really irritate establishment career politicians and the liberal left. These folks are massive blockades that prevent the left from fulfilling the ultimate takeover and downfall of the country.  What is a Ronald Reagan Conservative?  RRCs believe in the three-legged stool of conservatism; fiscal, social and a strong national defense. All three legs of the stool are inter-connected. You can’t have one value without the other. RRCs demolish the tactics of the left. Try as they might, the left simply can’t peg these folks into a box. Like a lion who preys on a herd of gazelle, to pick off the weakest of the bunch, the left uses isolation and marginalization to destroy conservatives. Ronald Reagan Conservatives frustrate them to pieces because they are not isolated in a single box. They are three cord strong!


Ronald Reagan conservatives can’t be put into a Tea Party box, because they believe social issues are an important piece to the puzzle. They can’t be put into an evangelical-religious box because of the overwhelming belief in fiscal conservatism. They used to fit nicely into the Republican box, but no more. The Republican party has moved to the left, as more of them are jumping into the Democrat sandbox every day!   All three legs of the stool are important if not completely deal breaking  to RRCs. Fiscal issues, Social issues,and Defense issues. In the world of politics, everyone sets their “no deal” bars at different marks. Some are more passionate about fiscal issues. Some set the bar at life. Some at marriage, but a Ronald Reagan conservative understands how each of these issues weave together to make a complete picture. One vote impacts another. Political ideologists hate that because it impacts elections. We saw it happen with the primary election in Indiana where two term incumbent Rebecca Kubacki lost her seat in the Indiana legislature. The Republican establishment thought, “if we can just get these annoying evangelicals marginalized, then we win.” The problem with that philosophy is more and more Americans see the complete picture how all the issues intertwine together. A healthy family brings strong fiscal stability and more jobs. More jobs bring a healthy economy. A healthy economy enables a nation able to lead with strength. You can’t have one without the other. You can try, but in the end without all three legs, the stool falls.

Six critical issues in the 2014 primary.

When I look at the primary election last week in Indiana, I saw six issues that were important to Hoosiers. This of course is not an exhaustive list. I know there are other issues just as important, and I’ll have people knocking on the door of my blog shouting their pet issues at me, but I want to give you an example of my score card as a Ronald Reagan Conservative. These are the issues I heard resonating in the hearts of district 22 that drove them to oust an incumbent in the primary. Mix them in any order you want.

  • Marriage
  • Life
  • Common Core (end the federal govt intrusion)
  • Religious Liberty
  • Less government intrusion
  • 2nd Amendment

District 22  was missing a couple very important legs of the stool. Throughout the campaign, we heard from hundreds of people who were unhappy with their representative’s voting record. They simply want the government out of their lives so they can work and raise their families. They want the government out of their churches so they can be free to worship as they wish. They want their lawmakers to protect life and give them the opportunity to protect marriage. Families simply want to raise their children, grow their businesses, and be left alone. They don’t want a nanny state or a lawmaker who believes it is his or her job to come dictate what can and cannot be done. Hoosiers want intrusive government out of their local communities. Wrap this up with a desire to be heard and represented, and you have yourself a two term incumbent who was ousted from the state legislature.

Hoosiers are smart. They know history inside and out. They have tasted freedom, they believe in values, and when elected officials cross that line, they know how to unite and clean house. Thousands of Ronald Reagan conservatives in the heartland of Indiana are the nightmare of the big govt lawmakers who have bought into the lie and tactic of marginalization and isolation.

I love boxes. I love the Republican brand, but deep in my soul I will always be a Ronald Reagan Conservative. I pray the party quickly re embraces this value before it is too late and the party walks away from Hoosier values forever.

District 22 has realized this, and sent a message to Indianapolis that big govt liberal policy does not work with us. When you vote against these principles, we will vote you out. I believe we will watch other districts follow in our footsteps as folks realize that one person, united with the next can make a difference!

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