SHUT UP and Bake the Ca… I mean SING THE SONG, BIGOT!

How the left suddenly changed tunes!

The liberal-left suddenly finds their so called “tolerant” BAKE THE CAKE, BIGOT philosophy leaving a bitter taste in their mouth now that the tables have turned. It seems Hollywood and the liberals who flock to them, don’t have a liking for our new president, or our country for that matter.

When invited to use their talents to sing for the inauguration of our 45th president, they suddenly discover free market principles and this thing called liberty! It’s astounding to watch Donald Trump’s children bullied and harassed about pictures and art they hang on their walls. The artists suddenly think they have authority to demand these pictures be taken down! These are the same principles they spat upon, when Barronelle Stutzman kindly refused to participate in a same sex wedding. They pounded and bullied her all the way to the Supreme Court, until she now stands to lose everything… her business… her home… EVERYTHING.  The free market principles being touted now, are the same ones that were mocked when Memories Pizza was bullied by the local media during an anti-Christian witch hunt. These same principles also sent Kim Davis to a jail cell for a week when she used her right of conscience to not sign a gay wedding certificate.

You can’t have it both ways.

And guess what liberals, you don’t get to choose!  It’s already been decided! You see, the left thinks they have been given the task of setting the rules that allow you to breathe. If you agree with them, you have liberty; If you don’t, BAKE THE CAKE AND SHUT UP! Here is a newsflash for you liberals… it doesn’t work that way! You don’t make the rules. Our founders gave their lives to write the document that protects our liberty because they knew eventually there would be people like you who would try to remove it.

You are free to turn down your service to anyone you want. But so are people of faith. It’s time you call off the witch-hunt and discover what liberty really is!


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One thought on “SHUT UP and Bake the Ca… I mean SING THE SONG, BIGOT!

  1. Your argument holds no water. The 2 situations are completely different. Refusing service to someone based on your religious views is illegal as religion is a protected class. Refusing to perform at an inauguration is completely legal as political affiliation is not a protected class.