Social Conservatives vs.GOP.

The "Hands OFF" Strategy.

shoe values votersLast night I attended our county Lincoln Day dinner.  It was great to see familiar faces and reconnect with folks I hadn’t seen for a while. Our chairman did a great job and worked hard planning and preparing for the evening.

The Lt. Governor was the keynote speaker and gave a less than enthusiastic update on the legislative session. You could tell she was a bit uncomfortable and almost apologetic as she spoke about RFRA. She said it was a good bill, unfairly treated, but because of it, we will now have to recover and clean up our “Indiana reputation” from the bad marks left on our state for it.

The bulk of her speech was about how we needed to expand the tent and make our party more “diverse” while reaching out to minorities and women. She also spoke about the necessity for us to work hard for the GOP so they can continue spreading their message and elect Republicans. For me, it was a typical non-memorable political speech.

Yawn… move on to the next.

After she sat down, the circus began with an all inclusive fireworks display.

Our chairman introduced the US Senate candidates for the upcoming political chess game due to Senator Coats retirement. Each potential candidate was allowed to have someone introduce them. A local stalwart of the GOP, introduced Eric Holcomb who was Coats Chief of Staff. She’s what the party likes to call the “mom” of the local Republican party. She was once appointed by Governor Mitch Daniels, to the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission.

I sat in my chair absolutely stunned as I listened to her introduce Eric. It was a diatribe and chastisement to the party, and an admonishment to clean out the party of those ‘divisive’ social issues. She stated that social and religious issues had no place in politics or the Republican party. She praised Mitch Daniels for being the perfect politician who did not worry about those pesky social issues.

Interestingly enough, I think she forgot while in office, Mitch Daniels signed the strongest pro-life bill in Indiana history. Remember when the Indiana legislature had a backbone and defunded Planned Parenthood? Yeah, he signed that one!

As she spoke, you could almost hear a giant sucking sound as the air was sucked out of the room. After we left, I thought about the continued blatant attack on people of faith, and social conservatives. This new fad of creating a party of “diversity” minus morality and values, is not the party I joined so many years ago.  As I rode home with my husband, I began to ask myself, “Is it finally time for me to turn in my GOP card and leave a party who actually left me a few years ago?

My mind shifted to the speech Mike Delph gave a few minutes later that night. He courageously countered the bitterly angry woman, and said something to the effect of, “As for me, I believe social issues and people of faith have a front row seat in the party.”  He courageously countered the politically correct bubble we were in that night. That took pure guts.

When he did that, applause contagiously broke out.

You see, we are the majority. We are allowing a minority of politically correct buffoons to speak for our party. Our party values have NOT moved an inch, but we’ve let the camel’s nose sneak under our tent. It’s the folks who are trying to make the GOP into the Democrat party that are the minority. To date… we have let them do it because we are too fearful of losing. We’ve bought into the lie that we must always choose the lesser of two evils.

I don’t need to turn in my GOP card. It’s my party, and  I still believe in the Republican platform of values and limited government, but I’m drawing the line in the sand. I will no longer support this obtrusive transformation of my party. I will no longer support these politicians who are spineless and cowardly.

So what is the plan?

How do we get our party back? How do we fix it?

Let me give you a picture. I live in the land of lakes in Northern Indiana. A few summers ago, when driving by one of our beautiful lakes in town, I asked my husband why it was so  dirty and ugly. He taught me about a process called “dredging.” It happens both naturally and sometimes with a man-made machine.

Dredging is a beautiful process in God’s creation designed to naturally clean our lakes. My husband taught me that before a lake can be gorgeously crystal clear, it has to go through a cycle called dredging to clean out the muck and impurities brought in by the winter months. It’s not pretty. The lake becomes really ugly and polluted, bringing all the muck up from the bottom, to the top of the water and the shores.

Do you know what happens when the lake is finished cleaning itself?  A crystal clear beauty emerges. Sometimes you can even see the bottom!

I believe this is what needs to happen to the GOP. The muck and crud needs to be cleaned out. In order to do that, the lake (or our party) is not going to look very pretty for a while.

Let me ask you a question. When you think about what you do for the party, what is your most valuable asset?  What do politicians need the most from you?

Your most valuable asset is your time, talents and treasures.

To date, you have freely given this away to a “party” who has stepped all over you because they know you live in fear of losing a supermajority. Think about how much time you’ve given a party who has told you, they want your help, but keep your values in the closet.

office_clutterRepublican friends, take a look at your schedules. When election time rolls around, you pack it with phone banking, door to door, and social media for candidates who woo you then desert you at the first pinch they feel. Think about your garage that’s stuffed full of political signs for politicians who will get elected and then run from your values like they’ve touched an electrical fence! Think about all the empty votes you have cast every election time.  Mindlessly pulling the R ballot.

I’m guilty of helping the Republican party because I’m afraid of the alternative. I know what that alternative is. Friends, what good is having a spineless supermajority that will cave at the first “BOO” from the media? What is the difference between the two parties right now?

Not much.

There were many politicians at the dinner last night. One courageously countered the attack from the left, and one spoke boldly of her commitment to fight for faith and family.  It’s time to start asking the tough politically incorrect questions of our politicians. It’s time to look them in the face, and ask them if they support these issues. I want to know from the politicians I vote for if they will stand for religious freedom even if the face of economic terrorism. I want to know from the politicians I vote for if they will support life at all cost. I want to know if they really will take the Constitution seriously. This means asking bold questions.  Not questions that have been cleaned up and prettied up.


It’s time to get specific with them and if they don’t answer the question or if their voting record does not match up, take a new approach. Remember the volunteer support, financial support, social media support, storage sign support, guilty ballot support I talked about above?  As Bob Newhart says, “Stop it!”

If their voting record does not show courage. HANDS OFF

If they dodge the tough issues and seek only politically correct conversations. HANDS OFF

If they don’t stand for your values. HANDS OFF

If they give the media and moderates one story, and you another. HANDS OFF

Don’t leave the party. Don’t skip election day. Don’t pull a straight ticket at the ballot box. Don’t give money to the GOP. Don’t work for the GOP.

Deal with the spineless politicians on an individual basis. Plain and simple…

  • Don’t give them a vote! (that’s really tough for those of you who like to fill out every circle at the ballot box)
  • Don’t make one phone call for them.
  • Don’t walk a single block for them.
  • Don’t donate a dime to their campaign.
  • Don’t give them one inch of your garage space or one minute of your time.

Vote ONLY for those candidates who share your values and are willing to stand up in the face of political correctness. This includes federal, state and city elections. All of them.

Could we lose the supermajority? Yes, possibly we could. Things could get tough for a couple of election cycles. Things could get REALLY tough. But think about that lake I spoke of above. Think of the process it had to go through to become an amazingly beautiful place for us to relax and enjoy. It had to go through the dredging process.

I don’t buy into the third-party route. We have a two-party system in our country that has worked. The problem is, we have turned a two-party system into a one party system. We’ve failed to use the primary election cycle as our trump card. It is time to bring the second party back. It will be painful and we will experience loss, but by feeding the GOP our undying support, we are only feeding a slow death.


The “base” will have to have enough courage to flex their muscle and  accept a bit of pain to remind the party we mean business. We want the same respect for social conservatives and people of faith  that is given to fiscal conservatives.  It will take courage.

It will take courage to skip over names in the voting booth.  It will take courage to not automatically hit an R. It will take courage to tell them no when they call you to volunteer. It will take courage to fill every political race with a primary. It will take courage to tell your family and friends why you are no longer voting for a political party. It will take courage to call out Republicans on social media. When you poke the bear, they don’t like it! They will growl.

IN THE END, I believe our party will come out stronger, and we will rid the party of the cowardly politicians who have used us for decades.

There are more of us than there are of them. Evangelicals alone make up about 61% of the party. To date we have been faithful Republicans because we have bought the lie that we must vote for the lesser of two evils. Friends, the lesser of two evils is still EVIL. Right now evil is staring us in the face, daring us to leave the party. They are louder than us because they assume we are going to be the dedicated followers we have been for years. They assume we rely more on fear than we do courage.

Don’t clean the GOP quietly. Make sure as you take the hands off approach as you tell your friends and neighbors why you are doing it.

We have to stop the bleeding in the party, or we will die a slow painful death and officially join the democrat party. It’s time they realize social conservatives are not going away. As we are poked, we are only going to get stronger and louder. The party has a choice to make. Stand with your base, or forever lose at the polls.

This is a freebie: Don’t you find it fascinating that the same people who cry NO SOCIAL ISSUES are the same people who will stand with the likes of Freedom Indiana, to fight for values believers find morally repugnant? The party will NEVER get rid of social or religious issues, it will only choose one side or the other.


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